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The SummitCove sales team is an important department to our owners. The sales team sells your property to our guests and makes sure that the guests have all the information needed to have a successful ski trip. Our goal is to have our guests return and to refer us to their friends.


There are a variety of ways that our sales team works on getting reservations for our properties. The first way is incoming phone calls. These phone calls make up a large volume of our reservations. Some of these phone calls are from first time guests to Keystone and many are returning customers. The sales team will ask varied questions to determine the best property for the guest. Once the sales agents have gathered that information they review the available properties with the caller and decide on the best property. Once the caller is booked, the sales agents take time to give tips to the guest such as buying the Keystone 4-Pack while it is on sale, transportation information, or the best place to rent their ski equipment.


While speaking directly with the guest is one of the best ways to secure a reservation, sales agents are also “chatting” with potential guests. Many of SummitCove’s guests google Keystone vacation rentals and our site is one of the first ones listed. When they go on the SummitCove website, they have the option to chat with a sales agent. This is another great way we secure reservations. The beautiful photos on the property page are a great selling tool. The sales agents again ask questions to determine the best fit.


Sometimes the guest will find properties on the SummitCove website or another website such as Vrbo or Airbnb. The guest will fill out a request information form and we take it from there.


The last way the SummitCove sales team sells reservations is by contacting past guests to see if they are coming out again for another ski trip or summer vacation. Return guests make up a large number of our reservations. This is a big goal for the SummitCove team because you know when the guest wants to stay with you again, you are doing things right. SummitCove has many loyal guests. Some of our return guests like to stay at the same property as they did the previous year and some like to try new areas. These return guests will also refer us to their friends.


There are common elements in each way the SummitCove sales team secures reservations: ask questions, suggest properties that fit what the guest is looking for, and give tips and information so the guests have an wonderful successful vacation so they return again.

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