Warren Miller coming to Boulder this week and Denver next Weeek!

Like an annual marker letting us know that fall is wrapping up and the snow is coming to Colorado, Warren Miller is bringing their newest film of amazing winter mayhem to Boulder starting tomorrow.  Who can resist the amazing jumps, bumps and wipe outs?  We all get to live vicariously through the teenagers and twenty somethings featured each year for at least two hours.  Go to the Boulder Theater from November 3 through November 6, or to the Paramount in downtown Denver from November 11 through 16.  Catch a preview of the making of Dynasty before you go for a hit of adrenaline.  This year’s film features clips of China, Alaska, Norway, Colorado, British Columbia, and more.  Although Keystone was not one of the destinations this year, we know the terrain park is worthy of it’s own film!  We would love to hear about your most spectacular, Warren Miller like moment at Keystone!

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