Weather Update from Chris Spears at CBS Denver

We asked local weatherman Chris Spears from CBS KCNC-TV DENVER about his outlook for the next month or so in Colorado.  Here is a wrap up of what he had to say:

The current 90 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center keeps most of Colorado at average to potentially above average for precipitation. There are no real trends in the temperature department, so overall we can probably expect average conditions with a few cold spells here and there potentially in February. Take a look at the NOAA website for updated information.

Globally, we are still seeing a little behavior from time to time that resembles a weak El Nino (even though we aren’t in El Nino) so that should be a good thing because it means the storm track at times is far enough south to keep Colorado’s weather somewhat active and bringing snow.

But, this ridge of high pressure that builds into the West Coast from time to time keeps rearing its ugly head and that has also influenced Colorado’s weather with the handful of recent dry spells in the high country since November.

To sum it all up, I would plan for average conditions, but there is chance to get a few good storms in here over the rest of the season.  We are still hopeful. There is nothing on the radar that screams warm and dry, so that is a very good thing!!

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