Tuxedo Rentals in Keystone

Renting formal wear in Keystone

If you are looking for a Tuxedo for a wedding or other special event in Keystone Colorado you are probably hoping there is a place right next to where you are staying that can take care of everything so you don’t have to!  Well they are not right next door but there are a couple of options for Tuxedo rentals in Keystone.  The two best options for Tuxedo rentals near Keystone will be either Breck Tux Shop in Breckenridge or the Frisco Run and Formal Wear in Frisco Colorado.
You can select tuxedo styles for both of these shops online and send your fittings for the guys in online or over the phone and they will have a large selection of tuxedos available, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Lord West, Claiborne, Chaplin, and the list goes on and on.  For best availability you will want to contact one of these Tuxedo rental shops about 6 months before the wedding to select which tuxes you want, then about 3 months out have your groomsmen stop slacking and contact your chosen shop and reserve, they will need to get fitted at a local tuxedo place, takes about ten minutes on a busy day and then they can call in and have the tuxes pre fitted for them about 6 weeks ahead of the event.  Now you need to make sure your groomsmen get together a couple of days before the wedding and go and get your final fitting done IN THE SHOP, to keep from pulling a Tommy Boy Fat Man in a Little Coat on the big day.


Breck Tux Shop

The Breck Tux Shop is located about 20 to 30 minutes away from Keystone on 500 South Main Street in Breckenridge.  (970) 453-2745

Frisco Fun and Formal

The Frisco Fun and Formal Tux shop is located about 15 minutes from Keystone Resort at 299 Main Street in Frisco Colorado and can be reached at 970-668-5732

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