Wedding Officiants

Choosing who will marry you in Keystone

If you are planning to get married in Colorado you may need to consider an officiant or an official¬† to legitimize your blessed union. An officiant is someone who officiates at (leads) a service or ceremony, such as marriage. Officiants may be ordained by any denomination as members of their clergy, or by secular/Humanist or interfaith/interspiritual religious bodies. The term “Officiant” includes Justices of the Peace, celebrants, marriage commissioners, ministers, notaries, and other people empowered by law to perform legally-binding private ceremonies. Ordination is a requirement in a number of jurisdictions to officiate at weddings, but each state, province and country has their own laws. In places where ordination is not required by secular law, it is left to the requirements of the particular religious denomination or church whether ordination is required.


In Colorado, Officiants can be a judge, retired judge, magistrate, any public official authorized to perform marriages, any person recognized as authorized to perform marriages (by a religious denomination, Native American nation, or Native American tribe), or the people getting married can solemnize their own weddings.¬† Note that friends and family can only perform the ceremony if they are listed above. You still need to obtain a license from your state registry and follow all the legal steps. This is more of a general information guide than anything and more information can be found on Colorado’s Government page for more information on obtaining a marriage license or you can visit your own state’s local Governance to get more information. In Colorado, the license must be solemnized within 30 days and returned to the clerk’s office.


Regardless of the legal implications, an officiant can provide a unique or special experience to your wedding. There are multiple ministers, government officials, and even members of local Native American Tribes and Nations that can be officiants for your wedding and add that extra touch.

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