Leon Joseph Littlebird

Leon’s background covers both Native American traditions as well as years of Theological study. He speaks from the heart and makes everyone feel welcome, happy and part of the ceremony. What will make your celebration so special is the time he spends with you designing the ceremony to be uniquely your own. Your ceremony will be beautiful and meaningful, and your guests will talk about it for years to come. Let Leon Joseph Littlebird give your wedding the magic of this beautiful place. Leon’s roots go three generations back to the rich history of Colorado, both its native people and pioneers. Leon’s deep ties to Colorado allow him to infuse wedding ceremonies with the spirit of the mountains, bringing the beauty of this place into your special day.


For thousands of years the Indigenous people of Colorado have blessed their marriages with beautiful ceremonies. Leon brings these traditions to life for your special day. His Native American ancestry gives these sacred traditions unique authenticity. These blessings are just one way that Leon helps you create the perfect wedding day, he has many different ceremonies he can perform to custom fit your needs and to make your wedding day perfect.


Leon Joseph Littlebird is also an accomplished musician talented with the acoustic guitar, Native American flute and a talented vocalist. Leon is talented in Acoustic Rock, Blues, Folk and other styles of music to add to your wedding day. You can find more information about Leon Joseph Little, his music, and his services on his website.

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