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To capture the perfect day, rely on the perfect photographer.  You have chosen to bring your loved ones up to one of the most beautiful mountain settings in Colorado, Keystone Resort.  Don’t let your sister or brother in law take charge, hire a professional photographer for your perfect wedding in Keystone. To remember this day for generations to come you will want to spend a couple of bucks, after all, you only get to do this once!  We get to enjoy Keystone year round and have the experience to know that when it comes to finding your perfect wedding photographer it is a little like finding your favorite wine, everyone has their favorite tastes, so we decided to compile some of our favorite wedding photographers in the area and let you decide who to use.
SummitCove is dedicated to providing our wedding guests with the information they need to have their Keystone wedding be as easy as possible from the early planning stages on.  We know that we provide the best wedding lodging in Keystone, however we will leave the photography to the pros.  We have compiled a list of wedding photographers that do excellent work here in Keystone resort.  Please let one of our group lodging planners know if we can point you in the right direction.  Congratulations and see you in Keystone soon!

Grant Oaks Photography

Summit Multimedia

Lit Photo

Creative Mountain Images

Lineback Photo Design

Kaileen Higney



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