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Creative Mountain Images is devoted to capturing the essence of your wedding. They put a great deal of value into their creativity, artistry, professionalism, and equipment and conduct themselves courteously at the wedding site and work well with planners and stressed out family members. CMI’s first rule is to be non-intrusive, your wedding is not a production shoot, it is a celebration, a joining of families, and (for many) a religious experience or rite of passage. CMI will do their best to make sure you enjoy your wedding and to not be distracted by large equipment or cameras.
Creative Mountain Images does not utilize large , overly obtrusive equipment, nor will they get in the way of guests in order to get in a shot.  CMI will take a step back to get in all the action shots, they will not force bright lights on the couple, follow them around, or get on the dance floor during their first dance. CMI takes pride in their unobtrusive presence and practices so the focus can be on the bride and groom. Creative Mountain Images feels it is important for them to fade into the background of the wedding so that as they film, the couple begins to relax and forget they are being filmed, when the couple are just being themselves that’s when the true photo magic begins. CMI doesn’t just film images, they film emotions, feelings and love and that’s what a wedding day should be about.

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