Lineback Photo Design

14516 Mastin St.

Overland, KS 66221

Phone: (913) 226-3780


Mark spends his time between Overland Park, Kansas and Keystone, Colorado, and is willing to accommodate your wedding, bridal, or engagement needs.
Mark Lineback of Lineback Photo Design has over 25 years of experience as an artist, photographer and graphic designer and Mr. Line back has a very precious mantra. “Since time waits for no man, it is wonderful to have opportunities to capture the moments in life worth celebrating. These moments can come as milestone or they can come as the everyday miracle that is the setting sun”. Mark specializes in photography and graphic design and is very willing to travel to help you capture those awe-inspiring moments.
Mark Lineback especially enjoys finding and creating the unexpected. Those candid, natural moments that make the experience whole. Lineback Photo Design focuses on the story, not just the moments. Let Mark Lineback tell the story of your special days, hours and minutes with his expertise in photography and graphic design.

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