Settlers Creek – Welcome to Pleasantville

Settlers Creek is one of Keystone’s newest townhome neighborhoods. It has the feel a mini neighborhood, with the luxurious pool and clubhouse at its center. Like a modern day Pleasantville you can easily picture children riding their bicycles down the street and neighbors greeting one another with broad smiles. Located in a quite, secluded section of east Keystone; lodging in Settlers Creek is truly a unique vacation experience. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Settlers Creek boasts some of Keystone’s most impressive lodging accommodations. With the majority of properties offering stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, flat screen TVs, etc. Below you will find some recent images of the average day in Settlers Creek. If you think it’s beautiful now, just picture it with snow!

Rainbow after an afternoon shower

Overlooking Settlers Creek

Beautiful meadow at entrance of Settlers Creek

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