Keystone Winter Workouts: Ina’s Way

Energy is high these days, as snow starts to appear on the surrounding mountains and the temperatures drop. Ski season is almost here and it is time to start thinking about getting in skiing shape. What better way to get those legs burning, then hike around on the mountain.

If you go over to Mountain House base area, you will see a service road behind the medical center. This is actually the bottom of Schoolmarm ski trail. It is a gradual incline and really gets the lungs and legs burning. At the top you will come to a fork in the road, here you can continue climbing up the mountain, or start going down via Ina’s Way ski trail. If you follow Ina’s Way it will drop you out on River Run trail and take you down to River Run Village. Overall, it’s a great little workout that offers great views and gets you up on the mountain. There is something pretty cool about trekking around on a ski mountain when it’s not covered in snow. It gives you a whole different perspective of things!

Walking up Schoolmarm

Trail signs show you the way

Trail signs show you the way

The Keystone Gondola

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