Private Home Rentals in Keystone

Are you looking to get away with the family for a relaxing vacation? Or are you trying to plan a family reunion for everyone to gather in Colorado? Either way, something to consider is renting a private home for your vacation to Keystone instead of staying in a condo or hotel room. There are many benefits to renting a private home in Keystone that people don’t often realize. Here are a few advantages to renting a private home on your next vacation.


“Home Away From Home” Feeling

There is always something comforting about being in your own home. By renting a private home, the “home away from home” feeling will definitely be a comfort that you will enjoy. From beautiful home furnishings, to games, books, private hot tubs, and even home theaters at times, will make everyone feel right at home.



There is no doubt that you will have more privacy when you stay in a private home versus staying in a condo or hotel room. You will enjoy the peace and quiet of not having any neighbors right above you or next to you on the other side of the wall. You wont have to worry about some awful smell coming from the neighbors attempt at cooking or a college group who books the place upstairs and is up until 2 a.m.



You definitely get more bang for your buck when it comes to renting a private home instead of a hotel room or condo. Typically, a private home offers you much more living space and larger rooms in general, which stretches your dollar even further. Another value that often comes with renting a private vacation home is that you typically have a garage for your car and outdoor gear, so it doesn’t take up space from your living areas inside the house.


Overall Costs

By renting a private home, you’re able to save money in many ways. One great way to save while you’re on vacation and staying in a private home is to cook more meals. This is great when you have a large group or family, not only do you save money by cooking meals, but you get to enjoy being all together in your own home, and not having to hassle with restaurants, reservations, tips, etc.



Many times, private home rentals offer the same resort amenities as do hotels or condos, from resort access, to shared tennis courts, and much more. Often times there are cleaning services available as well, and 24-hour customer service in case of emergencies or any problems that could arise. Make sure to check with the owners of the house or the property management company on what kind of customer service they provide for their renters. There are also lots of private homes with their own private patios and hot tubs, which are always a great thing to enjoy while you’re on vacation!


No maintenance, cleaning, or yard work

Unlike with your own home, renting a private home means that all of the maintenance, cleaning, and yard work is left up to the owners or property management company, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about it or dealing with it. Definitely better than owning a vacation home, where that is a constant worry on the mind and financial expense on the pocketbook. It’s nice to think that someone else is taking care of all that for you, allowing you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation.


Location & Variety

Private vacation homes are generally spread throughout resort towns in all of the best areas, giving you a great choice of location and variety of homes to choose from. Not to mention you’ll feel like a local experiencing the resort and town like a regular does. This also makes it really easy to check out and try different areas of the town and resort every time you vacation there.


Accommodates Large Groups and Families

Private homes can be the perfect solution for large families, reunions, or large groups. Renting a private home provides you with a basecamp for everyone, so you always have your own headquarters and meeting place. Host group or family dinners, or just invite all your friends to come over and enjoy time together. Private homes are much easier to accommodate large groups or families, versus renting several condos or hotel rooms and trying to get them close together in proximity.



Many condos and hotels do not offer the same amount of flexibility as renting private homes. Especially when planning vacations for a large group or family reunion, it definitely pays to have flexibility in renting when so many people are involved. There is more flexibility in dates, sleeping arrangements, location, size, amenities, and much more when renting a private home for your vacation.


Looking at all of these benefits, it’s very easy to see how you can benefit from renting a private home for your next vacation in Keystone, whether just for you and your partner, friends, family or large group. If you’re looking to feel like you’re at home, but in a fabulous location, such as Keystone, this is your best answer! Rent a “home away from home” and have the vacation of your dreams without all of the financial burdens, taxes, noisy neighbors, and maintenance issues. This is the answer to having a piece of the dream vacation home experience, but much easier!


Take a look at SummitCove’s private homes for rent in Keystone … there’s definitely a dream vacation home out there for you, your family or group! If you have questions, please feel free to call us today. We look forward to finding you the perfect Keystone vacation rental!

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