SummitCove Housekeeping Standards

At SummitCove, we take great pride in how we clean our properties.  Below are the set standards that we have for all of our properties.



Toilet seats down, sani-strip over toilet seat and toilet plunger placed next to toilet.

Shower liner and decorative curtain outside tub area and closed halfway.

Bath mat folded neatly over tub or shower closest to the shower faucet.  1 mat per shower or tub.  Shampoo, Conditioner, and bath soap placed neatly on top of mat with labels facing upward.



By each sink location (a double vanity has one set between sinks),

  1. One small bar of hand soap left of faucet

  2. One bottle of lotion left of sink.

All bathroom decorative items like toothbrush holders, soap holders, to be placed under a sink away from view. Sink stoppers must be open.


Toilet paper: one roll on (half or more) and open and rolling over the top, pointed with Yeti sticker. Two additional rolls, still wrapped, on top of toilet tank.

Quantities of terry to be left in master bathroom are:

Per sleeper sofa (1 occupant per sofa If property has a bathroom for the sofa and Murphy hang terry in that bathroom instead of master):

  • 2 bath

  • 1 wash displayed in the master bathroom

Per Bathroom or half bathroom

  • 1 hand towel per sink location

  • displayed nearest the sink



Per bed occupant – Displayed on on foot of bed.

2 bath towels

1 wash cloth

All beds MUST have an mattress encasement

Clock radio time set correctly.

Alarm off.

Bedside lamps plugged into switched outlet and turned on.


All food items to be discarded except salt, pepper, and spices.

All chemicals, detergents, sprays, liquids, pesticides, etc. to be discarded except for chemicals and supplies authorized or supplied by management company.

No foil on burners.  No foil in ovens.

Sink drains must be open, stoppers under the sink

Faucets to be centered.

Ice maker on or Ice trays filled (for arrival only)

No place settings or dishes on table or bar area.

Discard all old sponges.

Small appliances unplugged and cord neatly wrapped.

Starter kit placed on kitchen counter left of sink with “starter set” card so that will be immediately noticed. Starter set to include:

  • One roll on holder (half or more)

  • 1 wrapped roll of paper towels

  • 1 Wrapped sponge

  • 1 package of coffee

  • 2 condiment kits

  • 3 Palmolive Dishwasher Packets

  • 4 extra trash bags

  • 1 liquid dish soap (3.5oz)

  • 2 Kitchen Towels

  • 1 Box of Laundry Detergent (if the property has laundry in property)

  • 3 new fire starters and a pack of matches (For wood fireplaces only)


All light bulbs should be fully operational.

Fireplaces clean, enclosure shut, partially burned wood removed.

Blinds full down and slats open tilted up so sun is reflected to the ceiling.

Drapes open at least halfway to expose the view.

Small discreet light on near entry.

All old magazines to be discarded – only printed materials should be those provided by management company:

  • SummitCove directory binder

  • TV instruction sheet

  • Collector magazines (National Geographic, Mountain Living, etc.) in excellent like-new condition.

  • Extra DVD movies in property in unscratched condition.

  • Board Games must be in good working order in a good container

All old candles to be discarded (only candles should be those in a holder that totally contains the melted wax and are not used.  Wicks must be cut)

All doors and windows closed and locked.

Only standard plastic/wooden hangers in closets (ten per closet) and hangers. pushed together to left side.

All closet doors fully closed.

No clutter stored in closets or cabinets opened to renters (old paint cans, tools, unsafe candles, bags, etc.)

Remote controls placed on coffee table or bedside table.

In-room Summit Cove directory binder placed to left of remotes.

Extra blankets and pillows folded and placed in an appropriate storage area.

Throw pillows and cushions “zipper down” or “zipper back.”

Vacuum Cleaner  bag or canister to be empty.

All lamp shade seams pointed towards the wall and leveled.

Any wall mounted item to be level.

Check each TV to be fully operational and all DVD players empty.

2 Ski locker keys hanging by the front door.

  • October 15 to May 15 heat to be set at 68.

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