Yeti Tracks Loyalty Rewards Program


Spend $100 (Nightly Rate), Earn 1 Point!
1 Point = $1 to Spend with SummitCove!

All guests who have booked a reservation since our first announcement of the program on September 21, 2016 have already been earning points! Need to know how many points you have? Just call one of our vacation planners!

SummitCove Yeti Tracks Loyalty Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 21, 2016

By participating in the Program, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions, as such Terms and Conditions may be revised or amended from time to time:

The Program

The following are the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) for the, LLC Yeti Tracks Loyalty Program (the “Program”). These Terms and Conditions govern participation in the Program by Members. A “Member” is any individual authorized to participate in the Program as described herein. Final interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of, L.L.C. (the “Company”). The Company may change the Program and any of its Terms and Conditions, rules, processes, regulations, travel or other awards, and special offers, at any time, with or without notice. These changes may include, but are not limited to changes to: partner affiliations, rules for earning program reward points (“Program Rewards” or each reward, a “Point”), Program Reward redemption levels required for specific awards, rules for the use of awards, continued availability of awards, award inventory, award types, and the features of special offers.



The Company reserves the right to terminate the entire Program with six months advance notice to all then-active Members, and immediately upon notice to all then-active Members in the case of a termination relating to the substitution of a similar replacement program. This means that the right of a Member to accumulate and claim Program Rewards can be terminated six months after the Company gives notice. All unredeemed Program Rewards (and the value thereof) at the end of the six-month notice period shall expire and be forfeited without compensation or any further obligation or liability, and no reward claims shall be honored thereafter. The Company may terminate the Program Rewards earlier in whole or in part in any jurisdiction(s) if required to do so by applicable law.


Accrual of Program Rewards

Baseline: $100 Nightly Rate (excludes taxes & fees)
Earns 1 Point, 1 Point = $1 to Spend.

  • Baseline: 1 Point = $1 to Spend with the Company.
  • 2018 / 2019 Blackout Dates:
    1/1/18 – 1/7/18,  2/15/18 – 2/19/18,  3/1/18 – 3/31/18,  8/3/18 – 8/5/18,  12/21/18 – 1/7/19, 1/17/19 – 1/21/19,  2/14/19 – 2/18/19,  3/1/19 – 3/31/19,  8/2/19 – 8/4/19,  12/20/19 – 12/31/19.


General Rules for Spending

  • Minimum 25 Point spend per reservation;
  • Maximum 300 Point spend per reservation;
  • No Member may accrue more than 1,000 Points in a calendar year;
  • Points may be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts unless otherwise noted;
  • Points have no cash value, are not transferable, and may not be redeemed for cash;
  • Points do not expire;
  • Members will not earn Points on reservations paid for with Points;
  • Points will only be rewarded once a reservation balance has been paid in full;
  • Points will not be awarded on complimentary stays
  • Additional sales and promotions may offer additional opportunities to earn extra points or spending value at varying times of the year.
  • SummitCove Owners may only earn points at properties that are not their own.



  • Membership is free.
  • A Member must be an individual, who resides in a country that legally permits participation in frequent stay programs.
  • A Member must be 25 years of age or older.
  • Membership is associated with Member’s email address. Each Member is responsible for notifying the Program of any personal detail changes.
  • Current employees of the Company are not eligible to participate in the Program.
  • Groups or travel agents are not eligible for the program.


General Information

  • Resort fees, taxes and cleaning fee where applicable will be the responsibility of the Member using the reward points.
  • Reward reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the stay. Notification that the Member would like to use a reward must be made at the time of reservation and reward points may only be applied to NEW reservations.
  • Guests may request a specific property. The Company will make every attempt to accommodate requests; however, property selection is based on availability and is at the discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to move properties if necessary.
  • The Company’s standard cancellation policy applies to rewards reservations and cancellation of a rewards reservation will result in loss of all points.
  • All rewards reservations must be made directly with a SummitCove vacation planner.
  • Notice of changes to the Program may be made by posting new or revised Program Terms and Conditions here or by emailing notifications to Members.


Jurisdiction and Venue

These Terms and Conditions are made in Colorado, and for all purposes shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.Exclusive jurisdiction of and venue for any legal proceeding between the parties hereto concerning these Terms and Conditions shall be in the District Court of Summit County, in the State of Colorado, and the parties hereby consent to exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue in such court. Each Member hereby waives and agrees that it shall not participate in any class action lawsuit that may be brought against the Company in connect with the Program.


Limitation of Liability

The Company’s liability for any and all claims by a Member under the Program, whether in contract, tort, by statute, or otherwise, shall be limited to $25.00 in the aggregate, per Member. The Company shall not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.

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