Posted on 12/19/2018 by Alyssa Hubbard

Black Tie Ski Rentals at Keystone Ski Resort

Who wants to go to a ski rental shop and fit all your kids and yourself with boots and skis after traveling all day to get to the ski resort?  Not me! That is why I called Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery for our Keystone Ski Rentals. They are amazing! I set the time for them to meet us at our condo and they arrived promptly.  They brought several different pairs of skis, boots, poles and helmets for my kids, my husband and myself. The gear was nice and new. I drank a glass of wine while the great tech put all the ski boots on my kids!  The rental technician was funny and my kids had a good time trying on ski boots, which would not have happened if I were putting the boots on them! My husband and I could not have been more stress free. The tech also gave us information about the mountain and where were the best places to ski with the kids.  He also told us if we had any problems with our gear they would come back and meet us at our condo or at the base of the mountain and help us, which we didn't end up needing, but it was nice to know they were there if we did need help or wanted to adjust sizes, etc. Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery   The price was reasonable and less expensive than paying to fly with our skis and major bonus, I didn't have to lug our ski's through the airport!  It's a win-win! Plus, all SummitCove guests get an additional discount with the coupon in the Key to Keystone Coupon Book, so we saved even more. Our friends went to a the ski shop at the base of the mountain because they wanted to save a few bucks and it took them over an hour to get their skis.  We had already took 3 runs by the time they got to the top of the mountain! Black Tie Rentals at Keystone   Best of all when we were frantic checking out and trying to leave Keystone to catch our plane, we didn't have to return the skis and boots.  Black Tie Rentals came to our condo and picked them up. Stress free and easy is the only way to go on a ski vacation! There may be some blackout dates on the guest discounts, please ask before booking.  Thank you Black Tie! We are customers for life!
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