Posted on 5/13/2018 by Alyssa Hubbard

Renting or Not, Let Us Take Care of Your Hot Tub in Keystone

Even if your home in Keystone isn't a vacation rental, SummitCove Property Management can take care of your hot tub. We have a new hot tub program available to all Keystone homeowners, renting or not.   Hot Tub Service Plans with SummitCove Property Management at Keystone Resort Colorado All of our hot tub techs are CPO Certified, meaning they are certified pool operators. They go through re-training annually to refresh their practices and so we can continue to offer the newest and best services to our customers.  SummitCove offers a number of different hot tub service packages to suit your  needs.  You do not have to have a vacation rental property in order to sign up for our hot tub services, you just have to own a home or condo in the Keystone Resort area.  The service plan for non-rental properties offers once a week service that includes chemical balancing, adding and refreshing water, snow removal, cleaning and vacuuming of the tub as well as cleaning the filters as needed. If a drain and fill is deemed necessary, there will be an additional charge.   For our short-term vacation rental properties, homeowners may choose from a basic service package or the premium service package. Both plans offer regular service that is based around reservations, with services every 4 days during a reservation, service after every checkout or at least once a week if the property is vacant.  The plans include balancing chemical levels, adding and refreshing water, snow removal, cleaning and vacuuming of the tub as well as cleaning the filters as needed. The basic plan includes 6 services a month, with a charge for any additional services needed after the initial 6.  The premium program follows the same schedule, but includes drain and fills at no extra cost.   We focus on providing superior service at Keystone Resort.  We go above and beyond, including shoveling the whole patio area, not just the path to the tub.  We will rake away leaves and clean up trash or recycling. The hot tub cover will get cleaned and scrubbed regularly.  Our CPOs will keep the filters cleaned and rinsed and vacuum debris when needed.  Water levels are constantly monitored as well as water quality.  Detailed service logs are kept of our work to keep you informed and aware of the servicing. Our team also works 7 days a week and on every holiday, so you will never have to worry about us not being available or paying more on weekends or holidays.  You'll know what to expect from us and won't have to worry about being overcharged.   If you'd like to give us a try, call us today and we can set up your first hot tub service appointment and see how we do! We are confident that you will be pleased with SummitCove and want to continue working with us.  Call SummitCove Property Managment today at (970) 368-7023 to get started on our hot tub service program or just to ask us a a few 'bubbling' questions!  
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