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The Colorado 'Bustang' Shuttle: Affordable and Eco-Friendly Mountain Travel

If you live in Colorado, you most likely appreciate the opportunities our state provides when it comes to public transportation. Whether you are using the services because you have no other choice or just trying to be environmentally conscious, it is an extremely useful option.

Here in Keystone, getting from one town to the next is a breeze with the Summit Stage. It's even free. In Boulder and Fort Collins the buses are flocking with students going about their day. In Denver, riding the bus is an essential part of many people's lives. In Colorado Springs it is hard to even imagine life without the Mountain Metropolitan Transportation system.

It's when you are trying to get from city to city that things can become difficult. At the moment, there are no major bus lines that will connect you to Denver from Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, or anywhere along the I-70 corridor. Over the past few years there has been a growing demand for some type of transportation along these routes. Currently, the only way to get from one major city to the next is by purchasing an expensive shuttle ride. Until now...

Colorado will turn many people's dreams into a reality this upcoming Spring when they release, "The Bustang." The Bustang is (more or less) the combination of a Greyhound bus and a Ford Mustang. The bus will hold 51 passengers, luggage, and six bicycles. The amenities on the bus include free wireless internet, usb ports, outlets, reclining chairs and possibly the most important amenity, a bathroom.

So, what routes will this bus travel along? Colorado Department of Transportation will provide services from 3 of Colorado's major cities to and from Denver. Those three cities include Glenwood Springs, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Each bus will make stops at major towns as well as existing park and ride stations along the way. For example; the bus that travels between Denver and Glenwood Springs will make stops at Eagle, Vail, and Frisco.

The bus services will only run during the week to start. If that proves to be a successful venture, they will most likely add additional weekend trips. There will be one roundtrip bus each day between Glenwood Springs and Denver. Fort Collins and Colorado Springs will both have 5 round trip busses between Denver. All these busses will travel during peak hours only. There will be one off-peak bus from Denver to Colorado Springs each day as well.

There is a wide variety of people that will benefit from these busses. Many people will use the services as an alternate way of commuting to and from Denver. That will give these folks extra time to get some work done or even get another hour of sleep before/after the work day. With reclining seats and wireless internet available, both these options sound more appealing than sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle.

For those folks visiting Colorado on a budget, this bus will be a huge help. Instead of paying upwards of $50 for a shuttle ride to the ski resorts, you can easily cut that price in half. It will likely involve taking two busses, but if timed out correctly the process should be very easy. Not only is this a money saver but it is the safer option for those people who dislike driving in some of Colorado's treturous weather. These busses will be equipped with drop down chains that can be applied in seconds for when the roads get icy or snowy.

If you are one of the many Colorado folks that have a particular week day dedicated as your ski day, this bus will come in handy for you as well. It is a small fee of $9 to get to Loveland from Denver or $17 dollars to go all the way to Vail. If you have traveled these mountain roads before, you are well aware that this is probably less than you would pay in gas.  It is also friendlier on the environment and could potentially ease traffic once it becomes more widely-used by having less cars out on the roads.  Not to mention the fewer miles and maintenance on your own vehicle!  You can spend the time reading, watching movies, napping or just enjoying the view!

Bustang fares will vary depending on how far you are traveling. Here is some of the standard projected bus fares:

Glenwood Springs    >     Denver     $28 Colorado Springs     >      Denver     $12 Fort Collins               >     Denver     $10

You will be able to purchase 10-ride, 20-ride, and 40-ride passes to save money as well.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has been working for years to design and outline the details of this bus. As Colorado and its mountains continue to become more popular every year, this new bus option couldn't come at a better time. Whether you are just visiting or a Colorado local, we suggest you give The Bustang a try at least once! The projected launch date is March of 2015.

Written By: Patrick Foley

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