Posted on 10/3/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Holiday Travel 2010

There are three months left in shopping until the holidays and you should be shopping for more than just gifts. Property Managers (including good ole SummitCove) and Airlines are currently offering promotions to early bookings for the winter Holiday season. Airline Fares are expected to rise 20 to 30% above last year's rates and the earlier you book your flight the better rate you should be able to get! This is not a year to procrastinate! Many people often times wait until the last minute or one month prior.

In addition, the airlines have decreased their supply, making fewer seats available and the Holiday travel window is cut short this year, because Christmas and New Years fall on Saturdays. The biggest reason is that so few people traveled last holiday season in an effort to save money, but (as we all know) people get stir crazy and look forward to winter vacations skiing, being with family and enjoying the winter wonderland or escaping from it.

While some places do have sales the closer you get, this year will be different. Prices are expected to go up as temperatures go down! In other words, the longer you wait, the more you may end up paying! So, book those flights now, find your lodging and get your shopping down early this year.

For those that don't believe, check out CNN's take on booking your holiday vacation early this year.

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