Posted on 12/10/2018 by Alyssa Hubbard

Have Some Family Fun at Ready Paint Fire This Winter in Keystone!

Image result for ready paint fire logo There is something for everyone at Ready Paint Fire in Keystone!  It is a fun and creative way to bond with friends and family and to create a meaningful souvenir.  The selection of creative activities is amazing and affordable. You can pick from painting your own pottery, painting canvas, painting a wine glass, or making metal and leather jewelry. There are projects for all ages and everyone over 21 can get creative while drinking wine or beer!  If you do not think you are an artist you will be surprised. With the help of the fun and friendly staff and the written instructions, you will be more successful than you think. The biggest challenge is picking which activity to do and it is so fun you might have to visit the studio a few times and try a couple of different art projects.     Children as young as 2 or 3 years old can have a blast painting their favorite ceramic animal. Older kids have a lot of options to choose from as well.  Ready Paint Fire offers skulls, butterflies, unicorns, fish, dinosaurs, picture frames, keepsake boxes and everything you can imagine. For adults there are several kitchenware items, such as plates, mugs, vases, bowls, and pitchers. All the pieces are food safe and perfect to take home as a souvenir from your great trip in Keystone. They offer many different colors of paint and also have stamps, sponges and stencils to help add creativity to your piece.  The pottery pieces range in price from $10 - $80  with many pieces in the $10 - $25 range. Since most of us are on vacation, Ready Paint Fire will have your ceramic artwork kiln-fired overnight with a 48 hour pick up guarantee. They also offer shipping through UPS, which ranges from $15 - $25 if you don't have room in your luggage. Ready Paint Fire Painting at Ready Paint Fire Keystone If you don't think you can paint on canvas you are wrong!  With the easy instruction from the talented staff and the step-by-step written instruction you are going to be impressed with your painting skills!  There are several unique images to choose from; birds in flight, sailboats on oceans, mountain summer and winter scenes and of course the Colorado flag and the American flag.  There is an image to catch the eye of all artists (or in my case a want-to-be artist) no matter how novice or advanced. For kids, Ready Paint Fire offers pre-sketched canvas images.  Kids can pick their image and mix their paints and let their inner artist create a canvas to take home. Paint your own canvas is affordable at $25 and the canvas is 16" x 20".   If you want a fun and quick art project with adults pick painting glassware. Ready Paint Fire offers wine glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs and vases. The prices vary but it is very affordable. These items are ready to take home the same day because it only takes a few hours to kiln fire them. Ready Paint Fire has stencils you can copy or you can create your own design on the glass with the many paints they provide. The paints are translucent and it looks like stained glasses after it is kiln fired. The paints are also non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and they will not wear off the glass. This activity is a lot of fun for men and women and why not drink a glass of wine or beer when you create your wine glass or beer mug?  Another bonus to this project is it packs easy into your suitcase! This project is available to adults over 18 years old.   The metal and leather stamped jewelry project makes Ready Paint Fire unique. Not many other studios offer this type of art. They offer pendants in pewter and bracelets come in leather, copper, or alkeme. You can bang out a stamp with your own saying or meaningful words, names or dates. This art packs easy into a suitcase and is a great way to create a meaningful keepsake of your vacation. This project is available to adults over 18 years old. Price vary but again it is affordable. Make a gift for the ones you left back home!    Ready Paint Fire is a great experience for everyone!  It is a great way to get your mind off your sore ski legs or your stress from traveling.  It's the perfect activity for your 'day off' from the ski slopes or a quiet evening outing as the snow is falling. The studio sits right on Keystone Lake and you can watch ice skaters go by as you put the final touches on your artwork. There is nothing like sitting back with a glass of wine and letting your artist flow with friends and family.  Good times, great memories and lots of laughs are guaranteed! Not only do you leave with a smile on your face and a special memory in your heart, you also leave with a special keepsake to remind you of your fabulous vacation in Keystone.  All SummitCove Lodging guests receive a special discounted rate from Ready Paint Fire in the Key to Keystone Coupon Book! 
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