Posted on 10/14/2012 by Alyssa Hubbard

Girls’ Weekend in Keystone Colorado

It seems that since the beginning of time, men have engaged in male bonding trips, such as hunting and sports events in other cities. Recently, women have also started planning time away from the family and responsibilities that last anywhere from a weekend to an extended vacation.

Forget the romantic vacation in Keystone! Go for having lot of fun with your best pals! Keystone, Colorado is a perfect destination for a girls' weekend because of the variety of activities offered and seasonal opportunities. One group has been to Keystone Colorado ten years in a row and has never had the same agenda twice!

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Initially, this group of single, twenty-something's, had the freedom to plan a trip on a moment's notice and loved the challenge of skiing and snowboarding hard all day and staying out until Keystone had served the last round of drinks. Kara, one of the original group members, reports that the size of the group often fluctuates depending on what is going on in each of the women's lives, and the women included influence the activities chosen. For the past 4 years, at least one woman in the group has been pregnant. Since pregnancy and moguls don't mix well, the group has been creative in planning their trips.

A little known secret about Keystone Colorado is that during the mud season, the resort is all but abandoned and becomes the perfect setting for indulging in spa treatments, great dining and more than a little rest and relaxation. Coupons can be found in the local newspaper, Summit Daily News, for 2 for 1 dining at many establishments throughout the county. In addition, the spas often have vacancies that are unheard of during ski season.

Many women use their time away from the family to feel that they have accomplished something. Laura, a dedicated scrap booker, organizes "crop weekends." It's perfect because prices are low for lodging from April through June, so we always book out a condo with table space and sleeping for at least eight. If all eight of us can make it, great, if not, there is more space per person to spread out our photo albums and create the perfect pages.

For others, who are looking to accomplish something more physically challenging, summer time is perfect in Keystone. Marsha, an avid biker reports that her group stays in the River Run area, but bikes around Lake Dillon, through Frisco and up some of the most technical trails in the Breckenridge area and then back to Keystone Resort. "It sure makes me feel that I have worked hard enough to deserve a decadent dinner and a dip in the hot-tub when we get back."

The most popular thing for most girls getaway weekends is to visit the spas in Keystone Colorado. The Keystone lodge and spa was just recently remodeled and offers some soothing atmosphere and great service. Don't forget the Aveda spa, Serenity Salon in the Gateway building too!

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Gather a group of your favorite girl friends and plan a well deserved break. Admittedly, there might be a little guilt about leaving your children and husband, but the benefits include the special bonding time that your husband the kids might not have otherwise. In addition, you get to miss them a little and appreciate them that much more when you return!

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