Posted on 4/6/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Should You Drain Your Hot Tub After the Ski Season?

Our hot tub service customers in Keystone have been asking us if we should be draining our hot tubs now that Keystone is closed for the ski season. During the shoulder season months, also known as 'mud' or 'off' or 'shoulder' season in April, May, and early June, it tends to be a ghost town here with very few businesses open and very few guests visiting. So should you drain your hot tub and turn it off during this slow season time of year?  Here is some advice from our Hot Tubs Service Experts: Freshly Serviced Hot Tub Bubbling at Keystone Resort If you have an OUTDOOR hot tub should you drain and shut off your hot tub during the shoulder 'off' season? Our hot tub service technicians do not recommend this in our outdoor hot tubs in Keystone!  You run the risk of water being left behind in pumps and motors and plumbing that would require an additive that can also be hard to remove when you want to enjoy your tub again.  Plus, the risk of water freezing inside the pipes. Read further to find out money saving tips.   If you have an INDOOR hot tub should you drain and shut down your spa during the shoulder 'off' season? Our hot tub professionals say that if you do not plan to personally use your hot tub until after June, you can safely drain, clean, and shut down your spa.  This will eliminate any waisted energy needed to heat up your hot tub, it will also reduce the wear and tear on the pumps and electronic systems. With proper care we will schedule your system to be turned back on prior to your arrival.  We will fill your spa and make sure we turn your system back on in the correct manner to prevent any pump or motor issues. Our hot tub techs will be able to have your tub ready to go and hot for when you arrive in Keystone.     What if I live in Keystone year round? If you are a year round Keystone resident or come up often in the off season to enjoy the peace and quiet that Keystone can offer, keep the hot tub cranked up and ready to jump in!  Hot tubs are designed to be running and enjoyed!   How can we save money on your tub if it's not going to be used?  At the end of the ski season, we always require that we perform a end of season draining and cleaning, and then we  refill the tub with fresh water and balance the chemical levels.  We adjust your heating system and hot tub system into the appropriate mode to reduce energy consumption and chemical consumption. While it will still run and heat, your system will not run the risk of freezing and the expensive repairs that can come with frozen parts.  Our hot tub programs will go into our off season mode to reduce maintenance trips and save you money while keeping it safe.   Now if you own a hot tub in Keystone there are a couple of quick tips our hot tub repair tech wanted us to share with you.  Just because you are not using your tub, that doesn't mean that a neighbor kid isn't trying to 'poach' your hot tub while you are away. Make sure your hot tub has a locking system for the lid.  Our hot tub service techs can install a new system and hot tub lock for under $100, well worth the investment!   For more information on our hot tub service plans and programs, please check out this page.  Our team is available in Keystone 7 days a week, 365 days a here.  We can set up a program based on your usage and needs.    
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