Posted on 10/19/2017 by Alyssa Hubbard

Hot Tub Services Now Available for Rental & Non-Rental Properties in Keystone with SummitCove

If you own a private home or townhome in the Keystone Resort area, chances are that you may have a private hot tub at your property.  Whether the property is your main residence, a second home or a vacation rental property, SummitCove Property Management is happy to now offer monthly hot tub service maintenance plans for all properties in the Keystone Resort area.       All of our maintenance technicians are CPO certified (certified pool operators) and are re-trained annually to refresh their practice and get up to date on the newest trends and procedures. One thing you'll notice that really sets our services is apart is that we take extra care of the area surrounding your hot tub, not just the water. Many companies tend to focus on the hot tub and forget about the rest. We pride ourselves on being customer-service oriented and want to make sure our guests have the best experience. This means we will shovel snow and make a nice path for guest use, rake away leaves and make sure there is no trash or debris surrounding your hot tub, leaving the area clean and accessible for you or your guests. Your hot tub cover will be meticulously scrubbed, the filter will be rinsed thoroughly and any debris will be vacuumed out of the tub. The water levels will always be kept at the appropriate height and the water quality will be ideal for every guest. If we find that it is not suitable, we will drain and fill your tub as soon as possible, especially if you have another guest arriving. We also keep a detailed service log of every visit, giving you peace of mind and keeping you up to date on the servicing. Our team works 7 days a week and on every holiday, so there will be no gaps in your service or paying more for holiday or after hours time.  You'll know what to expect each month and will enjoy our direct communication style.       We offer both vacation rental or non-vacation rental property plans, with varying levels of servicing. If you own a non-rental property, the plan offers once a week service that includes balancing chemical levels, adding water, snow removal, cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing the filters as needed.  If a drain and fill is required, there is an additional charge.  For short-term vacation rental properties, we have a basic or premium package to choose from. Both plans include service after every check-out or every 4 days during longer reservations and a minimum of once a week if the property has been vacant.  These plans also include balancing the chemical levels, adding water, snow removal, cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing the filters as needed.  The basic plan offers a maximum of 6 services a month, with a charge for each additional service after the initial 6. Drain and fills are also billed as necessary per occurrence.  The premium option follows the same program, but also includes any drain and fills in the monthly service fee without additional charges.   SummitCove Vacation Lodging and Property Management in Keystone is now accepting new properties for hot tub service maintenance plans as well as our short-term vacation rental program.  View our current hot tub service plans at Keystone Resort here.  Want to sign up? Call us at (970)368-7023 to speak with one of our homeowner services representatives!  
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