Posted on 3/11/2024 by Alyssa Hubbard

Breathless in Keystone- How Bluebird Oxygen Saved Our Ski Vacation

The crisp mountain air, the powdery slopes, and the breathtaking scenery – Keystone, Colorado, seemed like the perfect destination for our annual ski trip. A group of us, eager and excited, had traveled from different parts of the country to experience the thrill of skiing in the Rockies. Little did we know that the high altitude would throw us a curveball, leaving some of us struggling with the effects of altitude sickness.

As we hit the slopes with gusto, carving through the pristine snow, the thin mountain air began to take its toll on a few members of our group. Headaches, dizziness, and nausea crept in, casting a shadow over what was supposed to be a memorable vacation. Altitude sickness is a common occurrence in high-altitude destinations like Keystone, and unfortunately, a few of us were not immune to its effects.

Panic set in as we realized the severity of the situation. It was clear that we needed a solution – and fast. That's when a member of our group noticed a coupon book in our condo. To our immense relief, it contained a coupon for Bluebird Oxygen, a service that delivers oxygen. This discovery was a beacon of hope in our desperate moment, and we owe our gratitude to SummitCove Lodging for providing us with that coupon book. Desperation led us to their website,, and a ray of hope appeared on the horizon.

Bluebird Oxygen, a company specializing in providing oxygen concentrators, delivered straight to your location, became our savior. With a quick call to their helpline, we explained our predicament and their efficient team sprang into action. The prospect of having oxygen concentrators delivered directly to our lodgings was a game-changer.

In what felt like no time at all, a friendly and professional Bluebird Oxygen representative arrived at our doorstep with a supply of oxygen concentrators. The portable devices were a welcome sight, promising relief from the effects of altitude sickness that had threatened to derail our ski vacation.

As we each took turns using the oxygen concentrators, the impact was almost immediate. The headaches started to fade, the dizziness lessened, and the nausea began to subside. Bluebird Oxygen had quite literally breathed life back into our trip.

The ease of use and portability of the oxygen concentrators allowed us to continue enjoying the breathtaking slopes of Keystone without the looming threat of altitude sickness. Our ski vacation, which had teetered on the brink of disaster, was back on track, thanks to the timely intervention of Bluebird Oxygen.

Reflecting on our experience, we couldn't be more grateful for the services provided by Bluebird Oxygen. Their commitment to ensuring that individuals in high-altitude locations have access to the oxygen they need is truly commendable. The peace of mind that comes with knowing such a service exists is invaluable for anyone planning a trip to destinations like Keystone.

So, here's to Bluebird Oxygen – the unsung hero of our ski vacation. Thanks to their prompt and professional assistance, we not only conquered the slopes of Keystone but also learned the importance of being prepared for the unexpected challenges that high-altitude destinations can throw your way.

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