Posted on 5/25/2015 by Alyssa Hubbard

It’s Mud Season in Summit County, What Can We Expect?

Mud Season in Summit County is usually one of the least popular times to visit or stay in Summit County. Sitting halfway between Ski season and Summer often the question is asked "What is going on up there?" It truly is a lot like a beehive, from the exterior it appears there is not much going on, but on the inside there are a million different things going on!

Skiing There are still folks trying to squeeze as much out of the ski season as possible trying to hit Arapahoe Basin every day until they finally say enough is enough for the season. For the more adventurous there are plenty of hikes that can be done to hit some of the remaining coulars which can be skied until late in the summer. Whether it is the ski season or the summer, there is always something ski related going on any month of the year here in Summit County!

Sight Seeing Mud season can also be the prettiest. While most folks will wait to go sight seeing in the fall when the Aspens are changing colors, Mud season presents a rare look at spring and all the life that shows up once the snow starts to melt. Wildlife viewing tends to be the most fruitful at this time of the year as you will see elk migrations, moose, pike, porcupines and other animals enjoying the warmer weather. Be careful though, as many bears will have emerged from their hibernation and will be foraging for food. But please be aware, because as beautiful as these animals are and as friendly as some of them look, they are still wild animals and will act like them. So keep your distance and do not feed them.

Restaurant Deals Although many of our restaurants close altogether for mud season, take a month of and let employees take a break to visit Moab or Mexico, the restaurants that do stay open typically offer great deals.  For example, 2 for 1 dinners at Dos Locos, 50% off select sushi at Nozowa, a special Spring Bar menu at Snake River Saloon and $12 off dinner for two or other great deals.

Early Season Biking Most early season riding is limited to the roads due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in the spring in Colorado as well as the fact that some trails are still covered in snow at this point in time, making for exceedingly difficult Mountain Biking conditions. The roads which tend to be in good shape can be challenging in the early season as riders have to combat pot holes, and sand from snow traction at almost all times resulting in the occasional puncture.  The bike path is now clear and great for early season.

Home Remodels This is where the beehive analogy really takes form. This is remodel season in summit county. Contractors are raring to go and are up to their eyeballs in work! This is the ideal time for owners to do remodels since it is traditionally the quietest time of the year and therefore does not get in the way of rentals. Whether it is a full scrape or just a room by room remodel or even just some new carpet, this is really the best time to get that work done.

Weather The weather in Colorado has always been referred to in a manner of "if you don't like it, wait a few minutes, because it is going to change." It is never more true than in the spring where you can have a layer of frost or snow in the morning, a sunny morning, windy noon, more sun in the afternoon, rain in the evening and snow at night. The wildly varied conditions result in crazy patterns and keep you on your toes, but help to remind you that summer is right around the corner!

Construction Projects Construction projects have begun and so has the main first stage of digging on new projects. The roads in summit county, which in the off season seem to be in a state of constant construction are in the process of being patched and repaired after extensive amounts of traffic and punishment during the winter. Regardless of the amount of construction going on, when you come up in the summer, it will definitely look a little different than it did last year.

Enjoy Mud Season and we look forward to seeing you in the summer for some great Keystone Festivals! Written By: Wren Arbuthnot
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