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Keystone Gulch Fire - Keystone Resort Colorado

The Keystone Gulch Fire 2011.  Updated June 3rd 3:15PM

Newest news:

The raging wildfire has been contained and Keystone is inviting guests and owners to return to their condos and homes. No one was injured and no there was no damage to properties. The fire is no longer a threat so come back to Keystone and enjoy the summer air!

Current letter sent out to Home Owners by Keystone Resort:

As you may already be aware, on Thursday, June 2 around 4:30pm, a wildfire broke out in the vicinity of Keystone Gulch Road. Due to high, erratic winds the ½ acre fire did spread to about 20 acres. The immediate vicinity along Soda Ridge Road was evacuated, with occupants returning at approximately 9:00pm. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, no structure damages have occurred and it appears the fire is no longer threatening residences.

As of 8:30am on Friday, June 3, primary objectives are to continue structure protection and contain the fire from moving east towards the resort. A hand crew has been on the ground since last night constructing fire lines to anchor points. Though no definite timeline has been given for containment, at this time, crews are expected to be on the ground for another 2-4 days.

Keystone Resort Property Management has been surveying properties to ensure doors and windows are shut to keep smoke out of residences. Should you or a guest use your residence this weekend we ask that you please keep your doors and windows shut during occupancy as well.

No one ever hopes for an emergency of this nature. Fortunately, the quick response time of the local authorities coupled with our prior emergency action planning allowed for swift evacuation and communication to affected occupants, as well as efficient coordination of supplies and information needed by crews on the ground.

Should you have additional questions please contact your property manager.

Thank you,

Keystone Resort Property Management

The evacuation has been lifted.
Keystone Resort has requested the direction of any questions of Keystone Home owners to the Keystone Guests Services line at 970-496-4000. The Keystone Gulch will continue to burn and possibly for the next couple of days.

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