Posted on 8/17/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Vacation Rental By Owner

Keystone Vacation Rentals By Owner Program

Property Management with SummitCove allows our owners to participate in Rental By Owner programs.  We interviewed a SummitCove home owner to give you a better idea of what the SummitCove Keystone Vacation Rental by Owner Program is and how it works for our guests and our owners.  Because our owners have the ability to find paying guests on their own through sites like Vacation Rental By Owner and Vacation Rentals dot com our guests can work with a private owner but also enjoy working with a professional company, so they get the value of working with an owner and the security of staying with a company.


So what is the SummitCove Vacation Rental By Owner Program and how does it work in Keystone?

The SummitCove Rental by Owner program is basically where a guests contacts the owner to arrange to rent their property directly from the owner, I enter the reservation online and then SummitCove takes over, my guests rent my property for the price I agreed to.


How do you find a guest to rent your vacation home?

There are a number of different ways, I personally work with several people that enjoy visiting Keystone Resort so I offer them a slight discount to rent my property and it is a win win, there are also several online sites like VRBO and Craigslist where I advertise my property.


How much time does it take to find a customer?

That can vary significantly, sometimes it is the first call but others seem to want to talk to 25 home owners before they make a descision on where to stay when they visit Keystone and take up a lot more of my time.


How often do you rent your place out?

I only rent about 20 nights a year on the Vacation Rental By Owner program because SummitCove has most of the nights booked, however SummitCove offers me a discount on the management fee and takes care of most of the work.


What do you mean work, didn't you say you found the booking?

Sure, but after I get someone to agree to pay SummitCove does everything, they collect the payment, handle keys, cleaning, deal with any lock outs or guest issues, helps them with discounts on rentals and services and provides better service than I can from Denver, when I bought my town home I thought I would just do it all my self, then I realized there was more work on the little things than was worth it, I got calls from guests who got locked out one night and I could not get a hold of my housekeeper to let them back in, the poor family was locked out for 2 hours, my guests said they even saw a SummitCove employee when they were locked out and offered to call someone for them, thats when I called SummitCove to take over my vacation rental.




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