Posted on 8/12/2021 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystoner Mountain Coffee Opens in Mountain House

This new coffee shop in Keystone has raised the (coffee) bar!  I am a Keystoner Mountain Coffee fan!  I am addicted to their mocha latte with Peruvian organic cacao, and my roommate loves their freshly brewed pour over coffee.   The baked goods are homemade and baked fresh every day!  They also have delicious gluten free muffins that I live off of because they don't taste gluten free! 

I also like supporting Keystoner Mountain Coffee because it is run by locals and they also support small farmers. Keystoner Mountain is partnered with Huckleberry Roaster out of Denver.  If you haven't heard about Huckleberry Roasters they are a social conscious business that is committed to working with small farmers and coffee co-ops globally.  They give back to their community just like Keystoner Mountain Coffee does.

This is a great place to get some grab and go items before a day out on the ski slopes at Keystone or Arapahoe Basin. An added bonus if you are staying in nearby condos such as Snow Dance Manor, Ski Run, Liftside or Hidden River Lodge: you can just walk on over in the morning for a hot pick me up and a delicious muffin or other freshly baked goods!

Keystoner Mountain also sells bags of roasted beans and we always have a delicious bag at home.  I encourage you to try the Blue Orchid Blend out of Central and South America.  I love it because you can taste the caramel and chocolate flavors with a hint of walnuts. I also suggest trying the Ethiopia Mustefa Natural if you like berry flavors in your coffee.  The raspberry and orange liquor give it a soft, sweet taste.  Seriously, any bean you pick from Keystoner Mountain Coffee will make you happy because they only have the highest quality coffee and the freshest baked goods.  So don't wait to stop in to Keystoner Mountain and try coffee sourced from around the world.

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