Posted on 11/8/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone's Wild Weather

For anyone who has recently transplanted to Colorado, it takes some time getting used to the extreme variation in climates and ever changing weather conditions. It seems you need to be prepared for all seasons, at all times. Thanks to the altitude, a mere 9280 feet at Keystone, it can be dumping in the mountains and sunny and warm down in Denver. On top of that, up here in the mountains it is not uncommon to experience several seasons in one day. For example, yesterday when we drove to SummitCove's Keystone office, it was sunny and 65 degrees. Several hours later we looked out the windows to witness, 20 mph winds and snow squalls. For a moment we thought the snow they had been predicting for this week had come early. But alas the snow was just passing through and the sunny quickly returned. Whenever you are in the mountains you definitely need to be prepared for anything! Keystone has been busy since opening on Friday, the Montezuma lot has been full ever since. On top of that they are predicting more snow this week!

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According to Colorado Powder Forecast they are predicting snow all day tomorrow and a stronger storm blowing in early next week. Opening Keystone Mountain is only half the battle, now we need more snow to keep trails open and continue to open more terrain. So keep you fingers crossed, and pray for snow!

[caption id="attachment_4522" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="The brief snow that blew through on Sunday"][/caption]
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