Posted on 12/5/2011 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Resort Ice Skating Now Open at Lakeside Village

Visitors to Keystone Resort will be happy to know that the Lakeside Village ice skating rink is now open!  The ice rink at the Adventure Center in Lakeside Village is the largest Zamboni maintained outdoor rink in the United States. The rink has boards for broomball and hockey. Skate around the two festive trees in the middle of the ice! Young children just learning to skate can use walkers or toddlers might want to take a sleigh ride.
Open from 9 AM to 4 PM, December to March, times dependent on ice conditions
Cost / Rink Admission:
$11 Adult, $9 Student (ages 12-17), $7 Child, $3 Seniors or Toddlers
Cost / Skate Rental:
$7 Adult, $5 Student (ages 12-17), $4 Child, $3 Seniors or Toddlers
Cost / Private Skating Lesson:
$30 per person for half hour lesson
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