Posted on 4/4/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

New Coffee Shop in Town Is Perfect Stop and Go Before the Mountain

My new daily routine this winter is to order my hot, freshly ground, pour over coffee on line from Keystoner Mountain Coffee. Fifteen minutes later when I am heading to the mountain to ride or to work, I walk in and grab my delicious coffee, and I am out the door! I haven’t been late to work once this season, and I have arrived in time for first chair a few times, with my hot coffee in hand! It is so convenient and it makes my morning happy!

My co-workers started to remark how good my coffee smells. So my tradition of getting excellent coffee from Keystoner Mountain has grown to the entire office. Some mornings when I go to pick up my order the barista will have the rest of the office orders ready to go and I grab them all. Keystoner takes very good care of us and they have great customer service! My boss orders the Salted Caramel Mocha, and she said it blows Starbucks away! The front desk team likes the matcha latte that has green tea from Japan. When I stray from my normal pour over coffee I order the mocha latte. It gives me an energy boost and a chocolate fix as it is made with Peruvian organic cacao; it is truly heaven in a cup! When I'm not working, it's easy to pop in to grab a morning bite and coffee before hitting the mountain. 

I also love supporting local companies in a resort town and Keystoner Mountain Coffee supports small coffee farmers from around the world. Their coffee is provided from Huckleberry Roasters out of Denver. They are committed to building sustainable coffee businesses. It’s a good company to support. All in all, I am grateful for Keystoner Mountain Coffee! They kick off every morning for me with love in a cup, and I feel good about spending my money with them! It is a win, win!

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