Posted on 9/20/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Planning a Vacation to Keystone

The Ins & Outs of Planning a Trip to Keystone

OK, so it looks like you have decided on coming to Keystone. That's great! Now what? (faint crickets in the background) Keystone can be a confusing place to come to if you don't really know the area. There are a few different routes you can choose. Do I want to ski in and out? Am I all right with a 200 yard walk? Do I want to take a shuttle? Where do I get my skis? I don't have waterproof clothes! This is a totally normal feeling of panic you are having, but never fear, that is why Summit Cove has folks like us here! So first of all, let's figure out where you want to stay. My first choice is River Run Village. Most people think that just because this village is within walking distance to the lifts, it automatically makes it more expensive. This is not always the case. We have many properties in RRV that rent for about the same rate as many of our shuttling locations. RRV has shops and restaurants and other activities all at your fingertips. It really is a great place for families because everyone can have a little more independence and get around without a car. If a quiet, serene area is what you are looking for, East Keystone is a great place. Trappers Crossing, Settler's Creek, and Ski Tip Town Homes are the condos that make up this area. The shuttle is quick and runs every 20 minutes. Either way you still have quick access to the lifts! [caption id="attachment_2677" align="aligncenter" width="596" caption="Ski slopes at Mountain House Base at Keystone Ski Resort"]Mountain House at Keystone Ski Resort[/caption] Next let's figure out when you will be coming. If your schedule is wide open, I would highly recommend January. The lift lines are short, the prices are low, and the snow is GREAT! Also, many local businesses run specials on their products for these dates and it is really easy to save some money during this time. By coming during this time, you are basically guaranteed to have the entire mountain open for skiing. This is one of my favorite times to ski in Keystone! You also can avoid the holiday rush! Now let's talk about equipment. This is one of the most important parts of your vacation. NEVER EVER EVER RENT IN DENVER!!! I know this can be enticing to do because the prices are lower, but renting equipment in Denver can be a royal pain. What happens if your equipment breaks? Well now you have to drive back to Denver for replacements. You just ruined a full day of skiing. Mountain View Sports has the best skis in Keystone. They give 25% off of their rates when you book a reservation with Mountain View's basic package is as good as most other companies' intermediate package. These guys are the best and give great customer service. My advice would be to book them online ahead of time on Mountain View Sports. Well there you have it. This is the Keystone insider's guide to the perfect ski vacation. Call us anytime with questions or to book.
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