Posted on 3/28/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

Red Bull Schlittentag at Keystone Resort

Red Bull is back for the Annual Keystone Schlittentag! On Saturday, April 2nd, head over to Mountain House Base Area at Keystone Ski Resort to check out a unique event sure to give you a few laughs. Each year, teams of three gather at the top of a course built specifically for the event and propel themselves down on a homemade craft, as fast as they can.
[caption id="attachment_22712" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Participants heading down the Red Bull Schlittentag course in Keystone in their hand-built crafts![/caption]
The Schlittentag originated in Germany and loosely stands for "sledding day." Red Bull's take on the event creates a humorous twist, by not only judging teams on speed and height reached on a jump, but also judging on creativity of the craft and costumes of the riders. In recent years, participants have been seen flying down the hill in anything from a baby carriage to trash cans, couches to kayaks or even a bar complete with a keg! Team members are encouraged to come up with an original sled design that is not only cool, but super fast as well! Teams also get to choose a song to go along with their craft that will be played during their run. One 'pilot' and two additional team members push off at the top off the hill and head down for the ride of their lives, hoping to make it over the kicker and to the finish line before their craft falls to pieces.  This event is a blast to participate in and is equally as fun to watch.  Keystone knows how to throw the best Spring parties too, with a DJ, drink and food specials and giveaways all day!
Book a condo for the weekend at one of the lodges at Mountain House to be close to the action. Slopeside condos offer affordable studio options just yards from the slopes and the Peru lift at Mountain House and include amenities like outdoor common hot tubs, a heated parking garage and ski lockers for your gear. Chateaux Du'Mont properties are larger in size, ranging from 2 - 4 bedrooms and most feature a private hot tub, in-room laundry and great balconies that view the slopes. Ironwood Townhomes are spacious, multi-level townhomes with private garages and often a private outdoor hot tub.  There are plenty of great lodging options that are within walking distance of the event and the ski slopes, making it easy to run back for a quick snack or dip in the hot tub.   SummitCove Lodging in Keystone offers a variety of properties in the Mountain House Base Area, as well as other popular areas of the Resort, including River Run Village and Lakeside Condos.
[caption id="attachment_22713" align="aligncenter" width="648"] Private Hot Tub at Chateaux DuMont #2709 with SummitCove Lodging[/caption]
Head to Keystone's Mountain House Base Area at 2pm on April 2nd to check out the fun! Keystone Resort has received over 5 feet of fresh snow in the past two weeks and the conditions have been incredible.  More snow is in the forecast and April is one of the snowiest months in Colorado!  If you would like to participate in this year's Red Bull Schlittentag event, visit this page for rules and registration.  The event is free top join, but participants must building their sled on their own dime using whatever materials they'd like. Prizes will be awarded in multiple categories and will be announced soon.  Don't miss this awesomely entertaining event this spring at Keystone Resort!
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