Posted on 1/20/2013 by Alyssa Hubbard

Savour the Slopes Culinary Festival at Keystone Resort

Savour the Slopes is a new culinary festival this season at Keystone Resort.  Every day features samplings of food, wine, and beer from some of Keystone's signature dining restaurants.  Each tasting event is just $20 and they are held at various locations around the resort, starting at 4:30 pm.  The events are broken up into three categories: Food from January 18 - 27, Wine from January 28 - February 3, and Beer and Spirits from February 4 -10. See the schedule below for all of the details!  Be sure to register early because each tasting has a limited tasting capacity.
FOOD Fri. 1/18: 'Seafood', Alpenglow Stube (cap. 30) Sat. 1/19: 'The Ranch Farm to the Table', Keystone Ranch (cap. 30)   / 'Ice Carving Demo', River Run Gondola Plaza (cap. 30) Sun. 1/20: 'Cooking With Kids', Edgewater Cafe (cap. 12 children with parents, ages 6-12) Mon. 1/21: 'Braised Prepared Tasting', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25) Tues. 1/22: 'Meet the Chef', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20) Wed. 1/23: 'Beer Based Appetizers', 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30) Thurs. 1/24: 'Cheese & Chocolate', Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 30) Fri. 1/25: 'Wild Game Appetizers', Alpenglow Stube (cap. 30)   /   'Chocolate Tasting', Keystone Ranch (cap. 30) Sat. 1/26: 'Cobbler Tasting & A History of The Ski Tip Lodge', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)   'Oven Baked Techniques', Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 50) Sun. 1/27: 'Barbeque Tasting', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /   'Grilled Steak Tasting', Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)
WINE Mon. 1/28: 'Wines of Argentina', 9280 Taphouse (cap. 20)   /   'Delectable Dessert Wine Tasting', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25) Tues. 1/29: 'California White Wines', Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   /   'A World of Bubbles', Keystone Ranch (cap. 35) Wed. 1/30: 'Wines of Burgundy', Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40)   /   'Big Reds', Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40) Thurs. 1/31: 'A Taste of Italy', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /   'Infinite Monkey Therom Tasting', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20) Fri. 2/1: 'A Tour of Napa Valley', Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40)   /  'A Taste of Colorado', Keystone Ranch (cap. 35) Sat. 2/2: 'Meritage, A World of Blended Wines', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)   / 'The Misunderstood Malbec', Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40) Sun. 2/3: 'California Red Wines', Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   /   'Greek Wine Tasting', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)
BEER & SPIRITS Mon. 2/4: 'India Pale Ales', 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30)   'Tequila & Nachos', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25) Tues. 2/5: 'Old World Single Malt Scotch Tasting', Keystone Ranch (cap. 35)   /   'Signature Infused Liquors', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20) Wed. 2/6: 'Wonderful World of Liquers', Der Fondue Chessel (cap. 40)   / 'Colorado Beers at Their Finest', Last Lift Bar (cap. 40) Thurs. 2/7: '"Shaken Not Stirred" Martini Tasting', Black Bear Grill (cap. 25)   /   'Colorado Liquor Tasting', 9280 Taphouse (cap. 30) Fri. 2/8: 'White to Red Port Tasting', Alpenglow Stube (cap. 40)     '"Mix It Up" Mixed Drink Tasting', 9280 Taphouse (cap. 20) Sat. 2/9: '"A Mug With Old Friends" German Beer Tasting', Ski Tip Lodge (cap. 20)   /   '"A Time to Warm By the Fire" Signature Hot Drinks', Keystone Ranch (cap. 35) Sun. 2/10: 'Bourbon at Its Finest', Bighorn Steakhouse (cap. 30)   /  'Toast the Winter With An Ale Tasting', Last Lift Bar (cap. 40)
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