Posted on 10/7/2017 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Ski and Snowboard Rentals 101

If you're planning to come to Keystone this year from out of state, or to learn to ski, you are probably planning on renting skis or a snowboard and all of the other equipment that goes along with it. You have many options around Keystone, and we will highlight our favorites, who also happen to offer our guests exclusive savings on their rentals!


If you are staying with, we recommend checking out Mountain View Sports located in the Mountain View Plaza on the north side of Keystone. Mountain View has options on prices and packages. You can choose between a demo, performance, sport or recreational package. Each package has a different set of equipment based on your level of skiing. The demo package is for more advanced skiers to try out the newest most advanced set of skis and boots, performance is for intermediate and sport or recreational is geared towards beginners. The styles are designed to complement your skill level.  The beginner style skis tend to run a bit rounder and shorter to making turning easier. For the kids they have a juniors package. For snowboarders they have similar packages with a demo for advanced, adult and kids setup. They rent snowblades, helmets and jackets and pants if needed.

Their rates are very reasonable, with the recreational packages starting as low as $22 a day for advance reservations. If you book with SummitCove included in your reservation is 25% off all of your ski equipment rental packages for the whole family.  Mountain View Sports also has a kids rent free program, where all you have to do is buy rentals for yourself (one full adult package) and your child gets to rent equipment for free! Keep in mind the kids rent free program is not available during peak times. In order to participate in the kids rent free deal, you must reserve rentals in advance.


If you need to rent skis or a snowboard package and you are arriving by shuttle there is a great company called Ski Butlers that will deliver your rental package straight to your condo! Ski Butlers has similar package options to Mountain View with an option to rent powder skis as well. When you check out with them online, you tell them where you are staying and they will deliver your skis and/or snowboards straight to your condo. When you book with SummitCove you will get a special coupon for 20% off delivery.

  [caption id="attachment_26815" align="aligncenter" width="599"] Ski Butlers Rentals will come to your vacation rental home or condo with all of your equipment and fit you there so you can avoid the ski shop![/caption]  

We recommend making reservations in advance for both companies, especially during peak times like Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is possible around those times for both of these companies to completely sell out of their inventory. Both companies also offer discounts for booking your rentals early. The earlier you can book your rentals, the better. If you have any questions, both companies are very friendly and helpful so feel free to call them, and then give us a call today to find out about our rental properties and if you book with us remember that you save 20-25% on ski and snowboard equipment rentals with either of these companies when you stay with SummitCove Lodging in Keystone!

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