Posted on 9/6/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

A Summertime Hike in Keystone to Get Your Heart Racing

Keystone is packed with recreational trails.  You can bike to Breckenridge, walk along the Snake River or enjoy a leisurely stroll around Keystone Lake.  But what if you are more athletic minded and want something that will challenge you?  Where is a decent trail to get the heart pumping?

You *could* hike up one of the many bike trails, but after seeing the downhill mountain bikers flying downhill, it's gets pretty intimidating.....and dangerous.  Is there a simple hikers-only trail that goes up Keystone?  In truth, all trails are open to all users, but it's a safe bet to just let bikers use the downhill trails.
So...what is a good solution?  Well, sometimes the best solution is to take matters into your own hands.  Hike straight up the ski slope!  Don't' be fooled...this is not for you if you are not in good shape or have major health problems.  River Run is much steeper than you think it is....especially when hiking straight up.
What to wear:  Bring a light jacket.  While hiking up will get you sweaty, it gets cold quickly and hiking down you will need a jacket.  Wear solid hiking boots too since there is no trail and tennis shoes will not give you good ankle support or traction.  Also bring a bottle of water, you will definitely need it!
The trailhead is's just the base of the ski slope.  Start hiking straight up.  It's a huge workout to get to the mid-mountain station of the River Run Gondola, so maybe make that an initial goal.   Look down and hike.   When tired, take a break and look'll be surprised how fast it goes.
The reward is the view of course.  You might be lucky and see quite a bit of wildlife too! Marmots, pikas, squirrels and other animals can be spotted on the slopes.
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