Posted on 2/3/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keysotne Colorado Wedding Gift Program

Recently engaged? Looking for that special place to have your wedding? Save a little money, and have a check waiting for you after your honeymoon? Keystone Colorado offers one of the most scenic backdrops around for a memorable and stunning wedding. With bright blue skies, high-alpine peaks, and wild flower filled vistas that take your breath away, along with the most spectacular sunsets you'll ever see, you can't go wrong with having your wedding at Keystone in the Colorado Rockies. A great way to save a little money and be assured that your guests will be staying in comfort is to take advantage of SummitCove Vacation Lodging's Wedding Gift Program. With SummitCove, you can be sure your guests will enjoy their time and experience in Keystone, while creating memories of your wedding they'll cherish for years to come. With many years of wedding lodging experience, SummitCove can help you coordinate lodging for all your guests on the most special day of your life. By taking reservations from members of your family directly, they're able to choose the exact unit they would like, as well as allowing them to pay for it directly. All guests will receive an additional 10% off the published rate when they use the special discount code for your wedding. SummitCove is happy to help you coordinate any additional events you may have as well, such as the rehearsal dinner, activities for guests, and much more. When you take part in the SummitCove Wedding Gift Program, not only do all your guests receive a 10% discount on published rates, but the newlyweds will also receive a check equal to 10% of the total nightly rate revenue of your group after your event. The newlyweds are also eligible for a $200 credit for lodging, for use during the wedding, when you reserve 10 or more condos in your group. Who couldn't use a little cash after all that planning of your special day? By taking part in SummitCove's Wedding Gift Program, newlywed couples have received in upwards of $700 back after their weddings. It's like being paid for having a beautiful wedding in the mountains of Keystone Colorado!  Don't miss out on this great opportunity. For more details on SummitCove's Wedding Gift Program, visit our Wedding Gift Page or call # 866-976-8066 to speak with a representative at SummitCove. ?
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