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Timbers Condos in River Run Village building rules

Timbers Condos at Keystone Colorado Building Rules

• Parties: The Timbers is a family centered complex and parties (receptions, gatherings or similar venues) that either disturb or infringe upon rights of other owners and renters are strictly prohibited.
• Common Areas: Common areas include those areas (lounge, patio, garage, etc...) mutually shared and/or enjoyed by all owners and renters. They are for the exclusive use of owners and renters staying within The Timbers. Individuals not staying in The Timbers are strictly prohibited from either accessing or using common areas at all times. Renters staying in The Timbers may not invite outside guests (i.e. individuals staying elsewhere) to use the common areas at any time. Additionally, renters may not "reserve" or utilize any of the common areas to host an event since this will interfere with the rights of other owners and renters to use the same common area(s).
• Facilities/Amenities: Like common areas, the facilities/amenities (pool, hot tub, workout room, sauna, steam room, Fire Pit, BBQ, etc...) are for the exclusive use of owners and renters staying within The Timbers. Individuals not staying in The Timbers are prohibited from using any of the facilities/amenities. Renters staying in The Timbers may not invite individuals staying elsewhere to use any of the facilities/amenities.
• Parking: Each unit in The Timbers is provided one (1) parking spot regardless of the number of renters. Infractions to this rule will result in the offending party being booted and fined.
• Luggage Carts: The luggage carts located in the parking garage are for the temporary use for all owners and renters to transport their belongings to and from their vehicles. Please advise your renters to return these carts to the garage after they have unloaded their belongings so they are available for use by others.
• Hallways: Please note that trash, used towels, ski/snowboard equipment and other personal items are not to be placed in the hallways at any time. Please advise your renters to dispose of trash in the proper receptacles in the garage, place used towels in the bins provided in the workout area and store ski/snowboard equipment in the appropriate ski lockers or in the unit in which they are staying.
• Quiet Hours: Quiet hours in The Timbers are observed from 10 pm to 8 am for outdoor venues (patio, pool, hot tub), and from 8 pm to 8 am for indoor venues (lounge, lobby). These hours will be strictly enforced to ensure the family centered environment is maintained for all owners and responsible renters.
• Damages: Accidental damages to any of the common areas (garage, lounge, patio, etc...), furniture or furnishings should be reported to The Timbers' property manager immediately (970-496-4740). All common areas are under 24/7 video surveillance and daily tapes are archived for future reference if needed.
• Enforcement: Keystone Property Management and/or Keystone Security will police and enforce the above guidelines.
• Owner Notification: Both the owners and the responsible rental management company will be notified immediately of any infractions, violations or disturbances by their renters (particularly those that involve a response by either Keystone Security or a law enforcement agency) so that they may take immediate corrective action and future preventative action. The individual owner will be held accountable for egregious and/or repeat violations or infractions by their respective guests/renters which could result in the levying of default assessments against their unit.
Please Note: The above guidelines may be amended from time to time by the Executive Board of The Timbers.
We sincerely thank you for your cooperation in observing these guidelines.
The Timbers Executive Board
January 3, 2011

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