Posted on 1/22/2011 by Alyssa Hubbard

ULLR: Snow God Delivers a Great Season!

Have you ever heard the Tall Tale of the Snow God, 'Ullr'?

In Norse mythology Ullr (pronounced Oool-er) was the Winter God of Snow.  He was the son of Sif and the stepson of Thor, the "God of Thunder."  Ullr loved the cold, and delighted in traveling over the country on his skis or skates. He also delighted in the chase, and pursued his game through the Northern Forests.

Ullr was so well skilled in the use of the bow and could go so fast on his skis that no one could match him. Each winter he covered the earth's landscape with snow to protect it from harm.  Legend has it that Ullr traveled throughout the land, gliding along on his great skis, for both pleasure and hunting. One of the Norseman's favorite travels would lead him to Summit County, Colorado where he would bless the town's mountains with some of the world's finest snow.

Well all of the prayers have been answered this season and then some!  Keystone has been getting dumped on all season long, check out these Keystone stats!

Keystone Snow Report:

Last 24 Hrs: 7 inches

Last 48 Hrs: 14 inches

Last 7 Days: 28 inches

Season Total: 176 inches!

So pack your bags and head to Keystone- you'll find amazing powder stashes and some great places to rest your head after that long day on the mountain!  Call us today to get a great deal on Keystone Lodging with SummitCove!  Keep praying to the Snow Gods!


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