Posted on 3/7/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Who has the best Hot Wings in Keystone?

Best Hot Wings in Keystone Colorado

What makes a good hot wing? Is it the burn on your lips after smacking down a piping hot wing dipped in blue cheese?  Is it the option between blue cheese and ranch?  How about the size of the wing or leg, have you ever gotten a plate full mini hot wings and wondered who killed the baby chickens and put them on my plate?  We have wondered this and more about hot wings and want to take a minute to steer you in the direction on Keystone Resorts best hot wings.  After meticoulous research including gallons of beer, hundreds of wings, dozens of wet naps, loss of feeling in your lips, indegestion and floss runs we have a couple of must stop here spots in Keystone Resort for wings. Keystone has a couple ways to buy wings, during specials and uber full price.  We highly recommend enjoying happy hour wings at our local watering holes, not only do you get much better prices on wings but you also get cheap beer which is again, a huge factor in enjoying hot wings in Keystone.

Best places for hot wings in Keystone

First Stop:  This will be your fanciest stop on the hot wing tour of Keystone, head over to Wolf Rock in River Run Village.  They will dazzle you with hot wings of different varieties, don't mind the sometimes stuffier crowds and head right to the bar. You can order up some wings in Thai flavored, traditional buffalo, or what they call Diablo (we call disabled), too hot for comfort in the morning.  Now this is a nicer setting than some of our other hot wing stops in Keystone but don't spend too much time here or you will be fast out of cash and heading to the ATM before you order a second round of beer.  We like to stop here becuase it's on the way off the mountain and that is just plain easy.... Second Stop: Kickapoo Tavern, I know you just walked past it on your way to the Wolf Rock but we didn't think you would be as comfortable walking into the wolf rock after 2 beers and a dozen wings at the Kickapoo Tavern first so head back over across River Run Village and pony up to the bar, we recommend sitting away from the doors because it will get cold with skiers in and out.  You can order your wings here and make a mess because its busy enough no one will notice.  The prices are slightly cheaper than at Wolf Rock but your only down to two choices, Hot or Thai, but your beer choices are better here.  The wings are big, juicy, plenty of sauce, nothing to write home about but I sure won't be upset with a thing after this hot wing stop in River Run Village. Third Stop: Leave River Run Village and walk  over to the Gateway Lodge, you can cut across the main skier parking lot and cut down into the front of Gateway.  Walk to the far side just past the SummitCove check in office and stop over at the Haywood Cafe, here you can catch wing night on Sundays for 25cents a pop and order BBQ, Hot, or Hotter.  The wings are dripping in sauce, plump fat chickens were rounded up for these hot wings, tons of meat, sauce, and always a $1 beer on tap for the must wash down order or hotters.  They call them wingie dingies here but don't worry, they are our top pick for wing and beer specials in Keystone.  Enjoy this during football season and you might not leave! Fourth Stop: Walk out the front door and head left, you will enjoy a moment of cold mountain air on your way over to the Snake River Saloon.  The Snake is 1/2 fancy 1/2 bar crowd that won't sit on the fancy side and might not be let in if they tried.  Here at the snake you can enjoy hot wings with the locals and drink beer like a pro, reasonable prices and straight forward options, Hot Wings is all you need to say, no need to order how you like em cause they only come one way here, served hot, meaty, buffaloed.  Just the way we like em, best served with an ice cold bud draft and your on your way to a sleepless gut wrenching night of hot wings revenge! So if you were just looking for some wings and beer for a happy hour pit stop on your way back to your place in Keystone Colorado, head on over to the Snake River Saloon and pony up to the bar.  However if you want to watch a game then the Haywood is a much better spot for watching sports and eating wings so if you are wanting to catch a game and eat wings they are hands down the winner.
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