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    SummitCove employs a full time, experienced  housekeeping team.  Our housekeepers are very detail oriented, and know just how to polish your property so that the guests are “wowed” when they arrive. Our housekeepers receive frequent trainings to keep current with the most efficient use of cleaning products and techniques to keep every property as clean as possible.


    Annually, we perform detailed top to bottom cleaning of your property. This includes window cleaning, dusting, moving appliances to clean underneath and behind, cleaning and organizing the cupboards, cleaning fireplace glass, etc.


    We also inventory the plates, glassware, pots, and pans, and add any additional items or amenities that are necessary to bring the inventory up to our standards. Our certified carpet technicians shampoo the carpets and dry clean bedding and curtains during the deep clean process. No spot is left untouched!

    SummitCove enjoys knowing that your property is spotless and that your kitchen will be fully functional for everything from cooking gourmet meals to making snacks for the family’s daily adventures. You can be assured that your property is being well cared for by our housekeeping team.


    Housekeeping is the foundation of any hospitality company. Without a quality housekeeping department, none of the other guest amenities matter. As the unseen heroes of the hospitality world, the housekeeping department sets the tone for a guest’s stay without saying a word.
    The goal throughout the training routine of the SummitCove housekeeping department is, “to have the cleanest and best maintained properties in Summit County.” This goal is evident by our four-step process of cleaning and preparing each property, our IICRC Certified staff, our dedication to employing professional cleaning staff for our vacation properties and our Standard Property Appearance requirements.

    To ensure the security and cleanliness of each property, the SummitCove housekeeping team performs a four-step process between each reservation. As a guest checks out, our team performs a property lock, the process of checking and securing each door and window and removing dirty linens and any extra trash from the property. Our second step is to prepare and deliver a bag of clean linens and supplies specifically assembled for each individual property. Third, our housekeeper’s complete the cleaning for the property within 72 hours of the next guest’s arrival, ensuring that the property is not left sitting, gathering dust after the cleaning is complete. Lastly, within 24 hours of an arrival, our housekeeping inspectors, specifically trained to see details and care for the property individually, check the property to ensure all property requirements are in place prior to the arrival.


    The housekeeping staff at SummitCove is specifically hired and trained with SummitCove. This may seem like an unimportant detail, but this is one of the primary reasons SummitCove has well-maintained properties. The housekeeping staff is employed directly with SummitCove, giving each housekeeper a sense of ownership over their expertise as well as ensuring that each person that enters a SummitCove property is backed and checked by SummitCove. Housekeepers are the primary eyes and ears in the vacation properties and with housekeepers that are directly employed by SummitCove, the thoroughness with which our housekeepers check each property is unmatched.


    Very few housekeeping departments in Summit County hold the certifications and training that SummitCove Vacation Lodging provides to its housekeeping department. We employ IICRC certified technicians for both carpet cleaning and fabric and upholstery cleaning. By offering this benefit to SummitCove property owners, they are able to save money without sacrificing quality carpet and upholstery cleaning in their property. And by owning a hot water extraction unit for primary carpet cleaning and being trained on a dry compound method, our housekeeping staff is able to provide timely carpet cleaning and stain removal.


    Each property managed and maintained by SummitCove Vacation Lodging in Keystone has specific and detail care as our housekeeping staff thoroughly cleans and inspects it before and after every reservation. The detail to which our housekeepers strive is unmatched by any other housekeeping staff in Summit County. SummitCove can certainly claim “to have the cleanest and best maintained properties in Summit County.”

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