Posted on 9/18/2017 by Alyssa Hubbard

What You Gain As a Homeowner When You Hire a Vacation Rental Management Company

In today's "sharing economy", the barriers to buying a vacation rental and self-managing are much easier than ever before.  The biggest headaches that used to be barriers such as advertising, payments and lockouts are now easily solved by keyless locks and third-party booking websites.   However, it all takes time to manage date inquiries and the booking calendar, lock codes, and to make sure that your advertising as is effective as possible.  A recent study stated that it take vacation property owners an estimated 400 hours per year to manage their vacation rental to its maximum potential including maintenance, inquiries and being available 24/7.  There are also other things that these kinds of websites and technology still won't be able to assist you with.   What happens when your upstairs neighbor's dishwasher leaks into your condo while a guest is staying? What do you do when the smoke alarm on the vaulted ceiling is chirping at 2am? What happens when the main boiler of the building goes down and your guest has no hot water?   You could hire expensive plumbers and other people locally, but will they answer the phone in the middle of the night?  If they do, what kind of charges will you incur? Where do you draw the line?   A professional LOCAL property manager can put all these questions behind you and allow you to rest easily without midnight calls or refund demands from guests.  A local property manager such as SummitCove Property Management is equipped to handle emergencies at all hours of the night year-round and without surprise pricing either.  It's not just maintenance issues that a professional management company can help you with! Immediate Response SummitCove Lodging has the ability to respond immediately to maintenance calls 24/7, but we also respond to guest booking inquiries typically within minutes. When guests are searching online and they aren't getting immediate responses, you chances of capturing that booking go down dramatically. After 3 minutes pass without the guest receiving a response, the chances of you getting that booking are down to 60%. After 5 minutes of not reaching you, it's less than a 30% chance. With the new sharing economy, impatient customers demand responses extremely fast and if they don't hear back in a timely manner, they will keep searching and move on to the next property, to someone who does respond.  The result when you work with SummitCove Property Management?  Higher revenues! We understand that time costs serious money if you aren't paying attention and we have a team of vacation planners who respond to guests for you!  We also have 24/7 guest services and a local Front Desk for your guests. We have found that exceptional service brings guests back year after year, and often to the same property!   Save Your Time for Fun A typical homeowner spends 400 hours per year managing their vacation rental.  Maintenance, upgrades, all adds up.  What else can you do with 400 hours per year?  Is YOUR time worth money?  SummitCove has a maintenance staff with over 50 years of combined experience that can help with purchasing new furniture, remodels, basic maintenance and all those things "you meant to do on your trip, but ran out of time".  When you are busy getting your kids out the door to school, how do you get to that inquiry within 5 minutes so you don't lose your chance to gain a booking for your property?  We can help.   Trusted, Trained and Certified Why trust your vacation property that cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to somebody unknown?  SummitCove Lodging runs a background check on every employee before they are hired.  Our maintenance technicians are sent to classes so they are certified to treat your hot tub or pool.  Our housekeepers are highly trained and internally certified before they are allowed to clean your property.  Our Housemen are IICRC certified so they are not guessing when they try to remove a stain and will not ruin your carpet.  Making sure you have the best, most trusted people in your property is a no-brainer.   If you are thinking of self-managing, think again about the hidden costs and consider how much your time is worth as well.  SummitCove Lodging in Keystone Colorado is the largest independant company in the area.  We are local and always have been.  Think again before you hire a national brand that claims to be local to manage your property.  Just because they are national does not mean they know exactly where the water shutoff is for your vacation rental! Call us now or signup online for a free consultation with us regarding your vacation rental home at Keystone Resort.  
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