Posted on 2/26/2024 by Alyssa Hubbard

A Seamless Ski Vacation with Ski Butlers and SummitCove Lodging Made our Life Easy Breezy

Our family loves to ski, and planning the perfect family ski vacation requires careful attention to detail. Recently, my family and I had the pleasure of experiencing a seamless and stress-free ski trip thanks to the exceptional ski rental services provided by Ski Butlers and the cozy accommodations offered by SummitCove Lodging. From hassle-free ski rentals to a comfortable stay at Springs 8893 in River Run Village at Keystone Resort, every aspect of our winter getaway was meticulously taken care of.

When we made our lodging reservation, SummitCove told us that we would get a coupon book, and in it was a coupon for Ski Butlers, a ski rental service that delivers our ski rentals to our condo. I could not believe such a service existed and was excited that someone else could carry all the skis in and out of our vacation rental. Our first step began with the convenient and personalized ski rental service offered by Ski Butlers. The website was user-friendly, allowing us to reserve our equipment in advance easily. The reservation process was a breeze.

On the day of our arrival in Keystone, the Ski Butlers team delivered our equipment directly to our accommodation at Springs 8893. This level of convenience was especially appreciated, considering our group included two grandparents, two parents, and three excited children aged 5, 7, and 9. The Ski Butlers' staff was not only punctual but also patient and friendly as they ensured that each family member had the appropriate gear and a perfect fit. They brought several pairs of ski boots for each person to try on and were dedicated to making sure we had the most comfortable fit. The skis and boots were like new! We have never had rental equipment this nice, and I commend Ski Butlers for their dedication to safety and their integrity as a company!

Our home base for the ski adventure was Springs 8893, a charming property. Located in River Run Village, the condo offered the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. The spacious three-bedroom property accommodated our multigenerational family comfortably, providing separate bedrooms for the grandparents, and parents, each with a king bed, and the three kids had the bunk room. The well-equipped kitchen allowed us to prepare meals and snacks, saving time and money during our stay.

The highlight of Springs 8893 was undoubtedly the proximity to the gondola. With easy access to the gondola, our family could effortlessly hit the slopes and return to the warmth and comfort of our accommodation at our leisure, and with younger children, this was key to a successful ski vacation. The Springs beautiful hot tub and pool area were a favorite for everyone. The kids loved the little water slide and the media room, making our stay even more enjoyable.

No one wanted to leave but the last day finally was upon us. We were busy packing and needed to drive to Denver and catch our plane home. For a quick second, I panicked thinking we didn’t have time to return our ski rentals then I remembered we gratefully used Ski Butlers and they would be by at any moment to pick up all the skis and boots for six people. Not having to carry and return all rentals at the end of a ski vacation was a cherry on top of a perfect trip. They make it so easy and are such a time saver!

Our family ski vacation with Ski Butlers and SummitCove Lodging was nothing short of exceptional. The seamless coordination between these two companies allowed us to focus on creating lasting memories on the slopes and enjoying quality time together. If you're considering a ski getaway in Keystone, I wholeheartedly recommend the personalized ski rental services of Ski Butlers Equipment Rentals at Keystone and the comfortable accommodations provided by SummitCove Lodging for an unforgettable and stress-free experience.

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