Posted on 7/11/2019 by Alyssa Hubbard

Traveling with a Baby Doesn't Have to Be a Challenge!

Traveling with a baby and a toddler just got easier!  On our summer trip to Keystone, CO we rented baby equipment from Baby's Away.  I ordered online and they had everything I needed for my 6 month old and my 2 year old.  I ordered a crib and they also provided the fitted sheet for the mattress. It was very important to me that the sheet fit the crib mattress because it is unsafe to have a sheet that is loose or too big for the mattress.  I also ordered a high chair, a bouncy seat, a potty seat, an infant bath seat, a tub of toys, a double stroller, and a baby monitor. The only thing I needed to actually pack were our clothes. When my husband was putting our luggage in the car, he kept asking me, "is this all, are we forgetting something?!"     When we arrived at our beautiful condo that we rented from SummitCove Lodging, all the baby and toddler equipment had been delivered and was set up and ready to use.  The highchair was in the kitchen, the crib was in our master bedroom as we requested. The bathroom items were in the bathroom. The best part was the tub of toys that was displayed in the living room!  Our 2 year old thought it was her birthday! She could not believe Keystone had a 'Toy Fairy', who shares her toys with all the children who come to the mountains. I was very impressed with the items, everything was very clean and looked brand new.  The double stroller was awesome and created so much freedom for us. We walked all over Keystone with the kids and took it with us in the car for our day adventures.     When our amazing vacation was done, we packed our clothes up, left all the baby equipment and hit the road.  Again, my husband could not believe how little he had to pack in the car.  He was also very happy that he did not have to spend his vacation setting up cribs and highchairs.  The process was so easy! We had all the comforts of home for our kids while on vacation, without the hassle of hauling all of it!   Baby's Away is a win, win!  They have locations across the country so we will be using them again wherever we go! 
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