Posted on 5/13/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Property Owners: Bedding Choice Matters In a Vacation Rental Property

The condo with the best beds wins!  The size and configuration of the bedding inside a vacation rental can set your property apart from other similar sized properties and can impact your bottom line rental revenue which will be money well spent.  
Master bedrooms are a great place for a king size bed as this bedroom will often be where a couple will be sleeping.  If they have a queen bed at home, it will be a luxury to enjoy a larger, very comfortable bed while on vacation and if they have a king bed at home, they won't want to downgrade to something smaller. A king bed will surely stand out above a queen bed or gasp, the dreaded full size bed which should never be an option as the only bed in a bedroom.  Many of our guests will filter their property search by the king size bed, which will automatically take your property out of the running as an option if you don't have at least one inside of your rental property to get you to show up in those search results.
Master Bedroom with Ski Slope View Keystone CO
While we're talking about standing out to guests, consider adding a set of good quality bunk beds to your property so the sofa bed may not have to be an option.  If a bedroom is large enough, it can be a great choice to add a set of bunk beds to a room that already has a large bed so that the adults are able to close the door and put the kids to bed early or let them sleep in and still be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee before the rest of the group wakes up.  Adding extra beds without overdoing it can be an excellent way to get more reservations and better accommodate families. 
Bunk Bed Rental Properties
The quality of your mattresses are another very important thing to consider.  You want your guests to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, not frustrated with a sub par mattress.  Spending some time looking into a high end mattress that will be your guests' respite at the end of a busy day spent outside in the Colorado Rockies will surely pay off.   Our guests pay attention to our reviews, so a property with a great review about a very comfortable bed allowing for a great night's sleep could be the reason another guest books your place instead of moving on to another property if the review states that the beds were not comfortable.  
If a bedroom allows, it is always a great choice to upgrade to a king bed, and it is worth looking at the overall bed configuration to be sure you get your ideal guest to book your property and not pass you by.  
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