Posted on 5/16/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Do You Need An Owner's Closet in Your Second Home Vacation Rental?

Your vacation rental property is multi faceted and provides you with a fantastic place to enjoy your home away from home and also provides guests with a great place to rent for their vacation.  One issue our homeowners run into is finding a space to store personal items that you might want to have waiting for you, but don't necessarily want to share with your guests.  The solution is an Owner's Closet.  This space is a convenient locked closet located somewhere in your property where you can store items you want to have at your disposal during your visits, but hidden and off limits from guests.      This secure closet is a great idea to have a space where you can store items you'll need to enjoy your time in your property.  It will save you time and space when packing and can make your visit easier because you will have items such as ski gear, helmets, gloves, linens, tools, liquor, basic toiletries, first aid items or anything else you'd like to have waiting for you when you arrive.   If you have a garage, think of how nice it would be to have space to store bikes and larger outdoor equipment that you want to have available for your use only.  You can have your hiking boots, beach towels, lawn chairs and more, waiting for your use.    If you would like to add an owner's closet to your property, our talented maintenance team can help you design and build one to fit all of your storage needs. Contact us today if you'd like a quote or to get more information, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate of work. Our services are available not only to homeowners on our rental program, but other vacation rental homeowners in the Summit County area as well! 
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