Posted on 10/18/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Best Breakfast in River Run Village

Early Morning Euphoria

River Run Village is the happening place in Keystone! While the area is best known for its shopping and fine dining, many people don't realize that Keystone is an active village at most hours of the day, especially in the morning. Next time you are in Keystone try getting yourself a hearty breakfast at the Inxpot Cafe, instead of grabbing a granola bar and trying to hold out until lunch .

The Inxpot is located right next to Keystone Sports in Black Bear Lodge which is one of the River Run Condos (on your right as you head towards the lift). With plenty of seating and comfortable couches, as well as dining tables, the Ixpot is a great place to relax and enjoy a morning meal. While you're there, try the Family Breakfast, which feeds four and, at only 20 bucks, it's an incredible deal and it sure beats what you would get for a comparable price at McDonalds. The Inxpot is also less than 100 yards away from the lift, which makes it a perfect place to make a pit stop at before heading up for a long day of skiing or boarding.


Enjoy Inxpot's enormous selection of Coffee from around the world with your breakfast as well. There are also a number of games available for you to play during your short wait for food to be ready and it definitely adds to the experience! The Inxpot also has a Wi-Fi and where you can send that last minute e-mail to work letting them know you are "sick" and may or may not be enjoying a powder day!! Whatever your reason for coming to Keystone, Inxpot has you covered for breakfast!

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