Posted on 9/2/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Bluebird Oxygen Saved Our Golf Game

My company was planning a golf retreat in Keystone, Colorado. My husband and I were thrilled that my company picked Keystone! We had been to Keystone once before to ski and loved it! We could not wait to go back and experience the Colorado Rockies in the summer.

We had one concern. The last time we were in Keystone both my husband and I felt altitude sickness and missed a day of skiing. When I booked our lodging with SummitCove I asked them if they had any tips for altitude sickness and they referred me to Bluebird Oxygen and gave me a coupon code to use.

I went to Bluebird’s webpage, and they deliver and pick up oxygen concentrators from your vacation rental. The more nights you need an oxygen concentrator the less it costs per night. I ordered ours for the four nights we were in Keystone, and I was relieved to have a plan in place to combat altitude sickness. The concentrators also had a humidifier so that was an added plus.

When we checked into our beautiful condo the oxygen concentrator was delivered as promised. There were directions as well as a video on their website on how to set up the machine. It was easy. We filled the humidifier with the purified water Bluebird provided, and we attached the oxygen tube to the humidifier. We ordered the Y connector so we could both use the oxygen concentrator at the same time. We connected the Y connector to the tube and then attached the nasal cannula, the thing that goes up your nose and around your ears, to the Y connector. Then we plugged in the concentrator and turned on the power, and we had oxygen! Bluebird also gave us stickers so we could label who the nasal cannula belonged to.

We felt fine when we arrived at Keystone, but both my husband and I used the oxygen concentrator that night. We both slept great and woke up with energy! We played incredible golf that day with my co-workers and enjoyed every minute of being in the mountains. One of my co-workers said they were not feeling well and thought it might be the altitude, so I told them about Bluebird Oxygen.

The next day on the golf course my co-worked thanked me for the referral and told me Bluebird Oxygen delivered her an oxygen concentrator the same day she called for one. She said, she was feeling much better, slept great and had more energy. It was the same for my husband and I. We used the oxygen concentrator every night. We slept so well we could not believe we were not in our own bed at home. We felt amazing the entire trip. We played golf every day and had energy to go out each night for dinner. One night I drank a little too much wine, and I used the oxygen concentrator in the morning. It really helped get rid of my wine headache, and I went out and played my best round of golf all week!

Bluebird Oxygen really made our vacation wonderful, and we are so grateful to them. We didn’t miss a step due to the oxygen helping us feel energized at high altitude. It is truly a game changer. Bluebird Oxygen also had great customer service, and it was very easy to order what we needed off their website. We love Keystone so much that we have already booked our winter lodging with SummitCove, and you can be sure I will also be renting another oxygen concentrator from Bluebird Oxygen!

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