Posted on 1/9/2023 by Alyssa Hubbard

Bluebird Oxygen Saved Our Keystone Ski Vacation

Oxygen is very important! Everyone knows without it we will die, but I never realized how it can also help you heal from altitude sickness. I never even knew what altitude sickness was until we went on a family vacation to Keystone, Colorado and experienced it for ourselves. Oxygen is at a lower pressure at high altitudes. The top of Keystone is 11,440 feet above sea level! We come from sea level so this was a huge adjustment for us, and that is why we are grateful for Bluebird Oxygen.

By the time we checked into our beautiful condo, my wife and I were feeling light headed, nauseous, tired and just plain yucky. Our lodging company, SummitCove, gave us a coupon book, and my wife noticed that there was a coupon for Bluebird Oxygen. I was surprised as I had never thought about ordering oxygen, but up here it seems to be common. We called Bluebird Oxygen and they delivered an oxygen concentrator to us quickly! The customer service representative brought the concentrator to our condo and showed us how to use it. She was very friendly and helpful. The concentrator was simple to set up. The great thing about oxygen concentrators opposed to oxygen tanks is we will never run out of oxygen with the concentrator. The concentrator uses the surrounding air, filters out the nitrogen, and delivers oxygen through a nasal cannula. We also ordered the Y connector so my wife and I could both use the concentrator at the same time.

We went to bed with the oxygen, and I was hoping it would make us feel better. I was worried that we would miss a day of skiing because we felt so sick. However, much to my surprise in the morning my wife and I felt much better. She still had a slight headache and I was a little tired, but that could have also been from the long day of travel the day before. Our kids were glad we felt well enough to go skiing too. After a few runs my wife and I did return to the condo. We rested for a bit and took more oxygen from the concentrator. It really helped us get back on the slopes for a few more runs after lunch.

We slept with the oxygen again the second night, and the next day we were both 100%! I slept great and felt like a million bucks! My wife said she hadn’t slept that well since before our first child was born and her headache was gone. We hit the slopes all day with our kids, and we skied again the next day too. The oxygen concentrator was a game changer and Bluebird Oxygen gave us our vacation back!

When it was time to head back to the flat land, Bluebird Oxygen picked up the oxygen concentrator so we didn’t have to worry about returning it. They provide an amazing service and make it affordable and easy. Without Bluebird Oxygen my wife and I would have felt sick the entire vacation. Altitude sickness can also become severe enough that you have to go to the hospital. I am so grateful we did not end up at the ER! We were able to enjoy our vacation and ski with our kids. Bluebird Oxygen saved the day!

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