Posted on 8/13/2023 by Alyssa Hubbard

Bluebird Oxygen to the Rescue

I never thought about altitude sickness until it was hitting me hard on our trip to Keystone, Colorado for our family reunion. I am in my 40’s and thought altitude sickness was something older people had to worry about, but I was wrong. When we arrived in Keystone I had a slight headache, and I was drinking a ton of water, but soon I got worse. I started throwing up, and I was getting dizzy. My niece called SummitCove our lodging provider and they suggested we call Bluebird Oxygen and they even gave us a coupon!

I was very lucky that Bluebird Oxygen could deliver the same day. You can order online, but since I needed it quickly my sweet niece called them, and the customer service representative was great! She said they rent oxygen concentrators which are different from tanks. She said she could have it delivered to our condo within an hour which was incredible. On Bluebird Oxygen’s website they have a comprehensive video of how to set up the concentrator. While we were waiting my niece and I watched the video, and when the concentrator was dropped off we knew how to start using it.

I was shocked at how fast I started to feel better. My dizziness went away, and I didn’t throw up again. I was worried I was going to have to go to Urgent Care or the hospital but with the oxygen my symptoms disappeared, and I was spared the time and money of going to see a doctor. If it wasn’t for Bluebird Oxygen I would have ended up going to a doctor, and no one wants to do that on vacation! I was pretty exhausted from the entire ordeal so I did miss dinner with our family that night. I also slept with the oxygen on. I could not believe how well I slept and how good I felt the next day. I was back to 100%, and the headache was gone. I was able to go on a bike ride and hang out at the pool with my family. I was so happy and relieved that I felt better and could enjoy our family vacation.

I continued to use the oxygen for my entire stay, over four days. Some other family members would stop by to get a few hits of oxygen too. At the end of our vacation Bluebird Oxygen came back to the condo and picked up the concentrator. It was so easy and simple, and I am so grateful! Bluebird Oxygen helped me feel so much better and saved my vacation so I could spend time making memories with my family instead of lying in bed. I will use them every time I travel to the mountains!

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