Posted on 8/13/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

Why Fall is My Favorite Season in Keystone

I know that the sun is starting to wane and those fresh summer mornings give way to crisp dewy mornings. A light sweater will be required when sipping coffee on the deck and the snowflakes are still a month away, but there are so many reasons to fall in love with Fall in Keystone.

First of all, there are the COLORS!  Colorado is known for providing for wonderful "leaf peeping" opportunities, but have you seen Keystone? The hills are sprinkled with reds, browns and the most brilliant yellows you have ever seen.  Take a hike and enjoy collecting leaves to press, or bring your camera along in order to capture the brilliance and preserve your memories.  The Keystone Aqueduct Trail is a great one, as it overlooks much of the Keystone area from a bird's eye view.

Speaking of hiking, the trails that are normally crowded are empty.  You might be the only one on the trail, or maybe you will catch a glimpse of Bullwinkle (just don't try to pet him.) If you head up near Montezuma, you could catch a few photos of a real ghost-town.  Make sure you bring along a picnic lunch, because once you start hiking, you won't want to turn back. 

When you do get back to Keystone, take a dip in the pool, or soak in the hot-tub.  Do you remember the pool with all of the activity in the summer?  That same pool might be all yours in the fall! With few guests in town, you can use the pool and never once be stepped on by a kid yelling Marco-Polo.  The hot tub won't be buzzing with tired skiers, but you will get to choose any seat you like.

Once you are refreshed, grab the Summit Daily to find a great deal on dinner.  Although the options in River Run are limited, there are several restaurants in nearby Dillon that offer a "locals" deal for buy one get one free meals and discounts on drinks during the mud season. Bonus, the restaurants are not crowded so you won't wait nearly as long for dinner as you would in the summer or winter seasons.

Written By: Cheri Reeburgh

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